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It’s pathetic really. Following the murder of Prison Officer David Black by Irish Republican terrorists, the appeasement culture establishment here has been rushing to pretend that violence does not pay.  Have a read of this garbage…

“Loyalists” are not talking about a knee-jerk response, but one senior figure speaking anonymously challenged MI5 to do more. “The peace process has to be managed, and people are managing it,” he said. “This shooting makes things more difficult. “I’m saying they (MI5) need to sit up and show results.”

So, terrorists now give advice to MI5. I see. Let’s read on a little more…

The Security Service can point to numerous successes, but there is no such thing as a perfect intelligence picture. “It’s obviously about trying to get a reaction,” another “loyalist leader” Jackie McDonald said. “These boys (dissidents) are being strangled and choked, and any retaliation would give them the oxygen they need. “There should not be a reaction,” he continued. “The reaction has to be revulsion.” And PUP leader Billy Hutchinson said: “Loyalists should recognise that the PSNI are the people who should deal with this through the rule of law,” he said.

So, calming words from loyalist leaders.

Note the last editorial line from the peace processors in the Belfast Telegraph. Also note how these people are portrayed as “leaders”..with rather less focus being directed to WHO they lead.

Let’s just spell out a few facts.

McDonald is the leader of the disgusting UDA, a terrorist group. It shouldn’t matter what he thinks because the UDA has disarmed, hasn’t it? McDonald is a creature of the process and a golfing partner of former Irish President McAleese’s husband. Friends in low places, I think.

As for Mr Hutchinson,the PUP leader and former UVF terrorist,  I put no credence on the words of a man convicted for murdering innocent Catholic men. Do you?

The elephant in the room here is that we have a new “peace process” society modeled on rewarding the men and women of violence.

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  1. But it’s hard to fault the logic of Rory Dougan, a dissident spokesman, who said a propos republican terrorism post the Good Friday Agreement: “If we were wrong now, then they were wrong for all them years: and if we are right now then they are wrong.”


    Scum that they are, the logic is difficult to beat, and it counts equally for both sides.

  2. Loyalist leaders call for no retaliation sparks outrage on ATW. I wonder why. There are a tiny few who would love to drag us back into the abyss for no better reason than to prove they were right about the peace process.

    Those who go out and do thir own shooting are lothesome. Those who harbour a hope that the Loyalists might do it for them are no better. If you want a war then at least have the balls to start it yourself.


    The people who thought violence could solve our political problems were wrong then and they are wrong now.

  3. But the dissidents don’t even think violence can solve the problem. They think violence is a way of proving we still have a problem. That’s what they are trying to do and it makes no sense whatsoever even logically aside altogether from morally.

  4. So, terrorists now give advice to MI5

    I suppose it makes a nice change from MI5 giving advice to terrorists.

    Henry, the first para of your 11.26 is 100% accurate.

  5. Violence doesn’t pay.

    The IRA fought for years to achieve a united Ireland. Northern Ireland is still part of the UK. The did not fight for years to run a couple of departments at Stormont on behalf of the British government.

    Any power they have is because they received enough votes in the Assembly elections.

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