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Well, let’s hope that next Tuesday becomes Super Tuesday and that Americans do themselves a favour and KICK OUT the most useless anti-American President since Carter set the bar low.

Obviously the rancid media want four more years of the despondency and gloom that Obama has brought to bear on the US, and their cheer leading for President Narcissus is beyond satire.

I loved the way the lefties have more or less abandoned any pretence that Obama offers “hope and change” anymore and instead it is now four years of “gloom and debt” but hey, that seems to ring their bell. That said, the US AND the civilised world cannot indulge four more years of this tiresome visionless clown from Chicago. Look at his disastrous foreign policies (Hello “Arab Spring” and Allahu Akhbar baby) look at his failure to deal with Iran; but above all…look at the National Debt. Under his gaze, the US is becoming a financial basketcase and he shows no interest in reversing this.

Obama has been hopeless in every area – that’s why he so revered in Euroweenie land. The EU looks to Obama with admiration even as it presides over economic meltdown and massive social unrest. America’s enemies look to Obama with gratitude, he grovels to them with some elan.

As for Romney; Well, he was not my first choice but he has shown spark and some fire. He walloped Obama in those debates to the chagrin of the Left. Turns out that autocue expertise only goes so far for Obama. Romney offers the very thing the deluded Left droned on about in 2008. he can bring hope in a restored America and change the mediocrity that characterises the current regime.

It’s not good enough to portray this as an election between two losers, with Obama being the slightly less loser who..aw shucks..just about deserves another four years! He doesn’t deserve four more weeks. If the US cannot be energised enough to get rid of him, it will pay an enormous price.

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  1. He walloped Obama in those debates

    You wish. He certainly won the first debate, but the second was a draw and Obama shaded the third. Not even Fox claimed 3:0 for their man.

  2. I thought Obama won the second and third. Just my opinion, and I genuinely couldn’t care less who wins the election.

  3. Patty’s earlier comment about Romney enthusiasm appears correct

    Batchelor Show , which is very nonpartisan, reports

    Romney looking better in Philly suburbs. He will not win them but he will lose by less than recent GOP candidates. A lot of those ( well off ) people fear new tax increases.

    Philly Democrat machine distracted by hurricane issues and anti vote fraud efforts may make it harder for them to ply their vote buying / vote fraud in the accustomed fashion

    PA is seriously in play


    Republicans there are focused, incl the substantial military / veteran community in the Panhandle. Romney will win FL easy

    Idiotic and kooky early voting laws will ensure recounts and delays deep into November.

    If you show up on Election Day there you get a provisional ballot, and they must laboriously be cross checked with all the early ballots to ensure noone votes twice.

    Its likely that we are in for another 2000 experience…and a Romney win is quite possible.

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