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The Lurgan Mail reports a sad story here;

THE widow of murdered police officer Stephen Carroll says a campaign started by one of the “Guildford Four” to free the republican dissidents jailed for her husband’s killing has plunged her into fresh “hell”. Kate Carroll said she has be unable to sleep since she learned that Gerry Conlon, whose wrongful conviction following the Provisional IRA bombing in Guildford, England was quashed in 1989, had founded the Craigavon Two campaign to free Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton – the men who were found guilty of Constable Carroll’s murder.

Constable Carroll was responding to a 999 call when he was shot by republican dissidents in Craigavon in March, 2009. “After all (that has happened) am I now going to be put through more hell? I couldn’t take it in when I heard. I was taken aback and I’m still trying to take it in. It’s hit me like a ton of bricks,” Mrs Carroll told the ‘Mail’. “How can he (Mr Conlon) make a judgement when he wasn’t in court to hear the trial.” Mr Conlon told a daily regional newspaper that he was fighting to free McConville and Wootton – who were convicted in May and sentenced to imprisonment for a minimum of 25 years and 14 years respectively – as he believed the convictions were ‘unsafe”

Amazing that some fools are so deluded that they consider every conviction for Irish republican savagery “unsafe”. I feel for Kate Carroll who has enough to worry about WITHOUT the additional concern that the republican killer of her husband could be released from jail thanks to the campaigning efforts of Gerry Conlon?

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5 thoughts on “THE GUILDFORD TWO…

  1. My sympathy is with Mrs. Carroll but there is no way anyone is walking out of jail on Gerry Conlon’s say so. I don’t see the problem with these convictions to be quite honest but then again many people didn’t see any problem with The Guildford Fours conviction either. Many people in this very parish maintained that the Guildford Four were guilty even after their convictions had been overturned.

    It is a normal thing in a democracy to keep an eye on the police and the courts just in case they make a mistake. It does happen. But I have no reason to believe it happened in this case and in fairness to Gerry Conlon his own dreadful experiences may have made him prone to listen to sob stories from people who are not as innocent as he was.

  2. Everyone in jail is wrongly convicted and 100% innocent…you have but to ask them.

    The days of ‘it’s a fair cop guv’ (if they ever existed) are well and truly over. Evidence please or STFU.

  3. Amazing that some fools are so deluded that they consider every conviction for Irish republican savagery “unsafe”

    And who thinks every Irish Republican conviction unsafe David? Hyperbolic much?

    Kate Carrol has said the Conlon wasn’t in court to hear the evidence of the murder of her husband, neither was I so I’d be interested in hearing why he thinks the convictions unsafe. Conlon may be right or wrong but he’s also allowed to have an opinion and he should have the balls / have the opportunity to voice that opinion and the reasons for him holding it.

    The IRA would know

    Indeed they would Pete.

    The Balcombe Street Gang, named after the London street where they were involved in a five-day siege, were never charged with the Guildford and Woolwich pub bombings which killed seven people in autumn 1974, though several of them confessed


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