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As you know, the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing “peace” to Europe post WW2 (Let’s not mention NATO lest it burst a liberal bubble) so, how’s it goin’  in Euroland?

“Greece is braced for a 48-hour general strike across public and private sectors in protest at a proposed new wave of spending cuts. (How would anyone know Greece is on strike?)

Protest marches – which regularly end in running battles with police – are planned for the centre of Athens. The action coincides with a debate in parliament on the austerity measures, with a vote by MPs due on Wednesday. Greece must back the measures, and the 2013 budget, to receive the next part of a bailout and avoid bankruptcy.”

Rubbish. Greece is already de facto bankrupt but the Euro pretence is to keep kicking the can down the road whilst carefully dismantling even the veneer of democracy, which you have to admit is kinda ironic when one considers Greece is where that all started! The disconnect between the will of the Greek people and the wishes of their Euro masters could not be more explicit,

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4 thoughts on “GREECE IS THE WORD….

  1. Greece may yet see the Generals taking charge again. It may have been the birthplace of democracy, but they relied on slaves to make it work. Today they still cling to the erroneous belief that you can have a democratic state without paying taxes…
    The European Union has been a disaster foe Greece and economies like it.

  2. Greece is ‘bankrupt’ because it is not allowed to create its own money. How can a country be bankrupt? Indebtedness has been imposed on Greeks by their corrupt governing clique working with Goldman Sachs – and that has been confirmed:


    – Goldman Sachs colluded with Greek politicians to make the deficit in 2001 appear smaller than it was, in a manoeuvre that simply passed the debt into the future – and made it more expensive. –

  3. MC Tatters
    you cannot overlook the fact that Greeks see it as their democratic duty to avoid paying taxes.

  4. It is everybody’s duty to avoid paying taxes. That way, governments will keep thier spending to reasonable levels. Let’s not pretend that the levels of government spending are reasonable, and not just in Greece but especially in the UK.

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