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So, my forecast is realised and Americans choose Greece as their preferred economic model. What can go wrong with THAT?

Obama quoted the Stevie Wonder song “Signed Sealed and Delivered” in his victory speech and that’s what America has chosen, it’s signed up to four more years of creeping socialist servitude and sealed its fate to continued fiscal recklessness and I am  sure  Obama will deliver.

But what amazes me is that I heard the BBC’s US correspondent (and Billy Bunter look-a- like)  Mark Mardell mention earlier this morning that in his view whilst Americans perhaps trusted Romney more on the economy, that wasn’t the main issue for them!

Hello, it’s always the economy stupid, unless the stupid want to live in Narnia. After 4 years, Obama has racked up a $16 TRILLION national debt, so those who chant four more years seem to less American and more Greek!  They do not get that you cannot spend what you do not have. But Democrats know better.

We are now into the era of American un-exceptionalism with Big Government spoon feeding more and more people who gratefully lap up the socialist medicine and I am sure Obama will also spend a fair bit of the four years on part two of his world tour apologising for everything that has made America great.

The one positive result of this election is that it has given EU President Herman Von Rompuy something to cheer about at last, as America trundles down the same path as the failed bankrupt EU.

The Republicans, of course,  got what they deserved. Once again they played it safe with their Presidential choice and once again they got it wrong. Instead of being bold and at least offering people a REAL choice, they chose middle of the road Romney and we all know what happens if you stand in the middle of the road.

Already, I hear siren voices saying that NEXT TIME around the GOP needs to be “more moderate”..code for more to the left.

I notice that Mahons has entitled one of his pieces “back to work”…given the millions without a job I wonder was that ironic? Obama has secured HIS job for four more years, the poor saps that have handed him this may wonder why they sacrificed theirs in the process?

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  1. What I picked up on was Mark Mardell saying how that Obama had secured the Hispanic American vote, and that the Hispanics are the population of tomorrow. Some American lady said that the Hispanics are “the majority minority” in Texas, so we can see which way the country is going. Plus the millions of illegal immigrants will become legal, so please “give us more of your poor tired and huddled masses yearning to breathe free..”
    I suspect that at some point Mexico may well annexe the USA.
    I would say that it is inevitable, and it could happen here in the UK unless we go broke first.


  2. “How do you say God help America in Greek?”
    Well according to Google Translate…,
    it’s Ο Θεός Βοήθεια Αμερική!
    But I wouldn’t bet on it.

  3. I would like to offer my sympathies to our American friends!

    Given the option to pick the least worst of two – 50/50 wager! – and you pick the wrong one.

    I thought the days of the ‘snake oil salesmen’ was long gone, – apparently that is not so.

    With my tongue in my cheek, I would suggest that this result rather proves the old concept that ‘of the easiest people to con, a conman is the easiest!’

    Good Morning America!

  4. Mahons is entering the Liberated, Unified, non Judgemental, Rights for All, Promised Land!
    Don’t spoil it for him Ernest.

  5. I must say that I thought Romney’s congratulations to Obama were very civilised and gentlemanly, – and he never even winced once while delivering it!

  6. Well, it’s goodbye to all that. The most wasteful election campaign in world history has run its course.

    I’m glad to say I wasted none of my precious living time following it.

    So at what cost those wasteful 18 months or more? We don’t yet have precise figures but it’s safe to say that they’ll top the $6 billion calculated by the Center for Responsive Politics, which operates opensecrets.org.

    Six billion dollars. To maintain the status quo. And the lion’s share of that money came from America’s business sector.

    It could have paid off the national debt of a small nation, such as Malta—or even Libya.

    It could have built schools and hospitals, funded medical research, helped the hungry.

    Or …. why not add your favourite charities here. Imagine what they could have achieved with those wasted billions.

  7. Richard Clinton –

    The actual cost is significantly higher. It’s not just the money spent, the true total would account for the opportunity cost, i.e. returns foregone on money which would have been otherwise saved and invested.

  8. Already, I hear siren voices saying that NEXT TIME around the GOP needs to be “more moderate”..code for more to the left.

    Nothing moderate about this anti-abortion GOP loser. Indiana went to Romney 55:45 but this Tea Party jerk failed to win:

    “In Indiana, Republican voters ousted their incumbent senator, Dick Lugar, and nominated tea party favorite Richard Mourdock, who trip-wired his own easy path to Washington when he argued against abortion rights for rape victims by invoking the will of God.”

  9. //Already, I hear siren voices saying that NEXT TIME around the GOP needs to be “more moderate”..code for more to the left.//

    Au contraire. We hope they will be less moderate and more to the right!

    Why change a losing strategy? Let’s have many more GOP humiliations.

    *sigh* But isn’t it a pity that Sarah Palin didn’t go for the nomination after all, we all know she’d have easily defeated Obama.

  10. Bottom line: it’s not about being more Left or Right. They’re mere details for political anoraks. Most voters don’t notice the minutiae.

    The next Presidential game show will go to whoever manages to “look best/most presidential”. At the least it’ll go to whoever scares the fewest people.

    Come one: Reagan was full of charm and personality and he had a bright, sunny way. His opponents didn’t.

    Clinton looked normal and a little funky compared to his opponents.

    Who wouldn’t have beaten a pair of narcissistic, self-regarding weirdos like Gore and Kerry?

    Obama vs McCain? A deaf mute could have called that one right.

    It’s about personality, tone, look and buttering up the masses with dollops of reassuring bullshit.

  11. Choose Flim Flam over substance and this is what you get. Cameron and Obama.

    Still I reckon Obama will likely end up getting impeached soon. Fast n furious Solyndra, Benghazi, whathaveyou ….he’s beginning to smell a bit rotten to the core.

    Maybe those ‘Domesday Preppers’ hoarding their 45’s and thousands of rounds, whilst cackling in their bunkers are actually onto something after all.

    ‘So long Ameyer – wicca’ it’s been fun.

  12. Sarah “Snake Pliskin” Palin…. I like that….lol

    You do know that Kurt Russell had them use that line as a tribute to John Wayne from the movie Big Jake

  13. David,

    “So, my forecast is realised”

    Which one? The one where you said Obama would be a one-term president, or one of the others?


  14. So, my forecast is realised and Americans choose Greece as their preferred economic model

    That quote remindsme of a similar one by your erstwhile colleague brainy Bob McCartney. When Bob lost his Stormont Assembly seat he thanked the electorate of north Down for releasing him from the responsibility of representing them!

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