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You would need a heart of stone not to laugh…

Clashes break out in Spain and Italy as angry workers stage a Europe-wide string of rallies and strikes against austerity cuts and tax rises, shutting transport, grounding flights and closing schools.

Yes, the comrades are on the march and demanding that Governments mired in debt solve the problem by..erm…spending more and taxing more. What can go wrong with that plan? As you know, the point of the austerity regime is to try and save the Euro, the bastard offspring currency of the EU. The EU itself has just won the Nobel Peace Prize…so here are a few heart warming images of Europe in the throes of….peace.. today.

Heathrow has seen 39 cancellations with British Airways axing flights to Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. EasyJet have cancelled some UK-Spanish services as well as more than 20 flights within mainland Europe.

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  1. This on the same day that van Rompuy and Barosso order the proletariat to celebrate the EU Nobel prize award – beyond satire.

    What the protestors are protesting at is the shrinking appetite of states to steal on their behalf from their grandchildren. These must be the dumbest protestors to ever wave a placard.

    If they had any brains they’d protest the causes of deteriorating economic conditions across much of Europe – mad central bank monetary policies and state warfare against economic liberty which severely restricts the ability of businesses to do business.

  2. The protestors may be right for the wrong reason, but they are still right. Endless austerity in the form of spending cuts and tax increases has failed and will continue to fail as a “solution” to sovereign debt crises. What is needed is default and devaluation, and the longer it is delayed the tougher it will be.

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