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I remember a band called UB40 droning on about unemployment in the late 70’s/early ’80’s with a song called “One in Ten”. The lyrics go like this..

“I am the one in ten
A number on a list
I am the one in ten
Even though I don`t exist
Nobody Knows me
Even though I`m always there ..”

Time to update that lyric…

“One in five young people looking for work in Northern Ireland cannot find a job, according to the latest figures.

The estimated unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds in Northern Ireland is 21% Using the Labour Force Survey (LFS) definition of unemployment, the overall rate here is 7.6%. That figure is unchanged form the previous quarter and is slightly below the UK average of 7.8%. However, the number claiming unemployment benefits in NI is rising. In October, 64,100 claimed the dole, a rise of 600 on the previous month. This monthly increase (0.9%) in unemployment related benefit claimants was higher than the average rise (0.6%) across the UK.”

So, at least 20% of young people are looking for a job without success. But, but, how can this be with our politicians at Stormont doing such an amazing  job they are getting an 11% salary increase next year?

Still, things could be worse, as I am sure Minister Foster’s spin doctors would well you. In Spain and Greece, youth unemployment is now in excess of 50%!!!

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