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Four more years? God help you lot…

“The US Department of Labor has announced that new jobless claims rose by a staggering 78,000 in the first week after the election, reaching a seasonally-adjusted total of 439,000. Over the past year, and in the weeks leading up to the election, jobless claims were said to be declining, dipping as low as 339,000, with the media proclaiming that they had reached the “lowest level in more than four years.” Now, suddenly, the news seems far less rosy…”

Yes, but OBAMA’s future is rosy and THAT is all that matters.

As the Chinese say…”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice……” Well you know the rest…

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2 thoughts on “SUCKERS…

  1. You really can’t cite that source and call anyone else a sucker.

    Are the figures correct or not?

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