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As a disinterested observer of the convulsions racking the Anglican Church, I suppose that my opinions would not matter a great deal, but since no-one else has placed a different perspective on the shambles as observed, I thought I may as well add my few matches to the fire.

All through the convulsions concerning women bishops, and explanations about the voices of a few wrecking the hopes of the many, not many have actually commented that they are only commenting upon a series of steps in a path which is quite similar to a Democracy, but only similar. Three bodies or groups of people, very dissimilar in numbers, positions in life, and philosophies, all selected, chosen or nominated; have to agree, or at least speak with a two-thirds majority, to alter a ruling which has been in place since the days of Henry 8th , who engineered the split with Rome so that he could cloak his adultery with Anne Boleyn with respectability.

The Houses of Bishops and of the Clergy have long been disposed towards the welcoming of women as Bishops, but the stumbling block of the House of the Laity has always proved a difficult row to hoe, as, whilst in general being amenable to change, the Laity have always balked at a system which would give women bishops power over church parishes who did not accept the authority of those newly-appointed bishops. Various forms and proposals have been floated over the years, but all have failed because either the protections afforded the protesters were not strong enough, or the arguments of those who would not accept any change at all have swayed the votes in the Synod.

The last words in the previous paragraph stand to the heart of this debate, because all three Houses must hold a two-thirds majority to initiate change, a change which is too far in the eyes and minds of the ones who vote ‘Nay’, and the trouble is that, as with so many examples of so-called democracy, the ones who lose are the ones who are now continually crying ‘foul’, and ‘it is so unfair’ etc.

As with the so-called ‘referendums’ called by the European Union behemoth, if they don’t get the result they wish, they simply bully the offending country, such as the Republic of Ireland, into re-running the vote until they get what they wish. Anglicans throughout this Nation will no doubt be battered with words, again and again, until the ‘Reformers’ get what they want.


Democracy? Don’t make me laugh!

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2 thoughts on “Equality? In that bunch of vipers?

  1. Cunningham,
    A lot of what you say is true, but people like me who would describe themselves as Christians would say that,
    regardless of officially sanctioned Church doctrines, practices and “tradditions” if there isn’t a clear basis for it in New Testament Scripture, it ain’t Christian.

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