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The DUP have held their annual jamboree at the La Mon House Hotel, the site of a horrendous IRA bombing, previously covered here on ATW. Peter Robinson preened as the successful leader, the voice of Unionism.  However I wondered had he remembered this?

DUP MP Iris Robinson has pledged to “stand by” allegations she made under privilege in the Commons yesterday that Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams was one of the men behind the 1978 La Mon hotel bombing.   On the anniversary of the atrocity, the Strangford MP named Mr Adams as a co-conspirator of the bombing and called for the government to open up an independent inquiry into the atrocity which killed 12 people.

Does Mr Robinson agree with what Mrs Robinson said or does he think she was lying.

If the former, WHY is he is power with the Adams led Sinn Fein? If the latter, why did he not speak out at the time?

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5 thoughts on “CURIOUSITIES…

  1. WHY is he is power with the Adams led Sinn Fein?

    Because Sinn Fein won sufficient seats in the Assembly to be part of the Executive. Some other parties didn’t.

  2. What I wonder is would Iris repeat such a claim without the cloak of Parliamentary Privilege?

  3. Unfortunately morals have long since been abandoned by the political establishment in Northern Ireland. It wouldn’t surprise me if Peter Robinson proposed a political union between the dup and sinn fein in order that he retain power.

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