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16 thoughts on “WHY THE EURO IS IN TROUBLE….

  1. Ah, but can Guinness be construed as a beer?

    If so, then this is bad news for the industry, but good news for battered housewives.

  2. Not to worry, many of this parish can look at graphs like that and tell you it means beer prices are going down.

    Well they will if you tell them they represent global temperatures.

  3. Harri,

    Tabloid articles misrepresenting reports from the Met Office isn’t very scientific is it?


    We analyze five prominent time series of global temperature (over land and ocean) for their common time interval since 1979: three surface temperature records (from NASA/GISS, NOAA/NCDC and HadCRU) and two lower-troposphere (LT) temperature records based on satellite microwave sensors (from RSS and UAH). All five series show consistent global warming trends ranging from 0.014 to 0.018 K yr−1. When the data are adjusted to remove the estimated impact of known factors on short-term temperature variations (El Niño/southern oscillation, volcanic aerosols and solar variability), the global warming signal becomes even more evident as noise is reduced. Lower-troposphere temperature responds more strongly to El Niño/southern oscillation and to volcanic forcing than surface temperature data. The adjusted data show warming at very similar rates to the unadjusted data, with smaller probable errors, and the warming rate is steady over the whole time interval. In all adjusted series, the two hottest years are 2009 and 2010.

    And those results hold through 2012.

  4. Yeah, because crackpot conspiracy websites are much a much more reliable source than scientific journals.

  5. Petr.

    What about ‘The Palenstine Mission Dublin’ website ..is that a crackpot site, or no,t just because you believe in it?

  6. Frank

    It’s a waste of time arguing about AGW on this site. It’s not a matter of evidence for the septics, it’s a matter of politics and worldview. So last night Pete Moore posted that some glaciers are retreating and some are advancing. True, 90% are retreating and 10% are advancing. When sea levels rise by ten feet they will still be babbling about “natural variability” in the climate.

  7. //When sea levels rise by ten feet they will still be babbling about “natural variability” in the climate.//

    I doubt it. By their record, they’ll be saying they predicted that all along.

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