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One of the best definitions of Government is a body or group which dedicates itself to the defence of the Nation-State. In these troubled times, we hold a small standing Army, a very-much reduced Navy and a Royal Air Force which must be checked under a microscope to find its component parts. These three arms of the Services have been treated savagely by Labour, and much the same by the Conservatives; both in terms of funding of manpower and equipment, as well as in direction. We are an Island Nation. We depend upon free passage for our imports, as well as the ever-diminishing flow of exports from our harbours and ports. We have surrendered much of our Sovereignty to foreigners, and we, or rather the various bunches of lying thieves and vagabonds masquerading as politicians have not only decimated our capability to defend ourselves, they have arranged things so that those decimations are permanent.

One of the driving forces behind a good defence structure is the ability to provide fuel for your aircraft, for your ships; and of course for the various methods of transporting large numbers of soldiers into harms way, if that is what is deemed necessary. To depend upon others, to allow your very power and motive infrastructure to be controlled by someone other than a sworn officer, is to accept that your very core is capable of being compromised. If you cannot refuel your aircraft, if you cannot run your trucks, tanks or mobile artillery, if you cannot be certain that your warships can be refuelled ahead of all others in a queue; you have arranged for surrender without the purchase of a white flag.

So one can understand why the bunch of lying thieves who masquerade under the title of the Coalition Government have slipped out, well-hidden in the fairly small print of the Energy Bill, itself further evidence of that  sheer lunacy known as the Climate Change Act, the most expensive piece of legislation probably introduced in this country since the Welfare State; the proposed sale of the only hardware specifically designed to keep safe the means of refuelling all our Armed Forces , safe as in protected by both guns as well as Statute. The ConDoms are proposing to sell off the Ministry of Defence (MOD) held asset that supplies aviation fuel to military airbases in the UK, as well as a number of civilian airports.

This asset, known as the the Government Pipeline and Storage System (GPSS) was established to provide a secure oil distribution network for the United Kingdom at the beginning of World War Two in 1939. Over many years the pipeline route has been extended and amended until it now covers approximately 2,500 km of pipe and associated storage depots, pumping stations and other sites. The GPSS distributes about 40 per cent of the aviation fuel within the UK and is used to supply important commercial airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick, along with Royal Air Force (RAF) and United States Air Force bases in England and Scotland.

One presumes the price will be slightly in excess of the statutory Thirty Pieces of Silver, but not by much!

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One thought on “So, am I offered Thirty-One?

  1. Over the last five decades our benighted politicians have managed to sell-off large chunks of our essential supply infrastructure to foreign owned companies, – it seems that they really do not have the wit they were born with!

    Our military is reduced to what is, when compared to the past, but a token force, and an ill equipped one a that, and only of use as a political ego booster.

    It is obvious that our current governance does not recognise any of the lessons of WWI or WWII, in regard to the valiant efforts and sacrifices made, by the Royal and Merchant navies, particularly in WWII, to keep our country barely supplied with the basic essentials necessary for survival.

    They seem to think the wars were all ‘tanks and trenches’ waged in faraway places, and completely disregard – if they ever knew in the first place! – of the equally valiant war being waged from the ‘home front’. I get the impression they imagine it all to have been rather along the lines of an episode of ‘Dad’s Army’!

    Surely if any lesson was learned, would it not be the importance of protecting and appreciating the value of such vital important infrastructure, especially in times of crisis, and keeping it within our own government control! They, above all, must surely realise that we are far from being self-sufficient, and in that respect, in a far worse situation than in WWII.

    By selling off one of the remaining fuel supply chains do they not realise they are in reality giving any future potential enemy the ‘keys to the front door’. All that would be needed is for them to turn-off a few taps and Bingo! virtually all of our transport system will be immobilsed.

    No need for bombing or even an invasion, with a little patience, within a few weeks we would be literally on our knees, begging, not for mercy, but for food! How the pacifists would jump for joy – until they saw the millions of people starving, because there was so little food available.

    That the Tories have been involved the foremost, but not exclusively in, the sell-off, quite literally ‘selling the Crown Jewels’, is quite shameful. The sell-off of such vital infrastructure is nothing but sabotage, if not downright treason and treachery.

    Have we, and are we still, being sold-down-the-road? It certainly looks that way doesn’t it.

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