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The purpose of a Debt Ceiling is to put a limit on the amount of Money that can be spent. Every adult understands that you can’t spend more than you can earn. You can extend that amount through borrowing, but none of us can get more in credit than we can ever earn.

The US reached that point 3 years ago. It actually reached it 5 decades ago under LBJ with his “Great Society” but it took the election of the Dictator Barry Soetoro to drive the last nails into the coffin.

The fiscal cliff is a joke. Since 1974 not one government budget has ever been cut a single penny. Every year the Government Spending Budget has increased 5-10 percent through baseline budgeting. It is written that way in law and that is one of the Laws that the Congress NEVER violates.

We are currently engaged in a Kabuki Theater Dance over “The Fiscal Cliff” The President wants 1.6 Trillion in new taxes and no “cuts” in anything. He has ordered the continual printing of money, the Republican House Leadership will give him what he wants.

The only tool that the Conservative members of the house have to maintain any semblance of fiscal responsibility is through the debt ceiling. The Republican Leadership does NOT have the votes to raise that debt ceiling. Threatened with that fact President Barry Declares to act as King and take that authority unto himself.

It’s not a game Barry, and you have no authority over it.

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43 thoughts on “Obama declares himself King

  1. there is your misconception JG. They do see it and they do understand it. The goal is to Lower the standard of living in the West to that of the rest of the world.

    The west lead primarily by the US has benefited in their minds unjustly and must be brought down through collapse so that the “elite” can then reorganize the world in a just and balanced fashion.

    To each according to his needs

  2. I have no problem accepting the election, Barry has a problem accepting the Law.

    The President can not raise the debt limit. He has no authority.

  3. Troll – I linked to this fact a few days ago from those lying fantasists at Infowars, you know, the ones who keep putting out all these lies about the Establishemnt being intent of submerging America under an unpayable deluge iof usury-based debt. Here it is:


    – During a recent interview on Bloomberg TV, Geithner told Political Capital‘s Al Hunt that the Congressionally-established debt ceiling, which was specifically designed to establish reasonable limits on the amount of money the federal government can borrow, should be completely abolished. Even though Congress is the only entity that can make such a decision, Geithner expressed his belief that the limit be scrapped to avoid its being used as “a tool for political advantage.”

    “It would have been time a long time ago to eliminate it,” said a nervous Geithner to Hunt, after being asked when he believed the debt ceiling should be eliminated. “The sooner the better.” –

    The above reports what Geithner said, and the text below is what Infowars view of Geithner’s revelation is. Question for Troll: do you agree with Infowars???

    The elaborate Ponzi scheme officially known as the U.S. financial system is set to completely transform into a Monopoly-style fantasy economy where money and debt are both meaningless and limitless. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has actually come out with a proposal that the American debt ceiling be completely eliminated, allowing the crooks that run the federal government to print as much phony debt currency as their hearts desire, and spend away into oblivion.

  4. The drones who haven’t figured out yet who profits from government debt, and who pays the price, have no hope of ever getting it.

    In fact they’re the peons who in great part happily vote for their own enslavement.

  5. For everyone who stayed home because “all political parties are the same” and “Washington is broken cause Ron Paul can’t get elected so I won’t vote” — you brought this on yourselves.

  6. Patty –

    Do you think there’s the slightest difference between the Democrats and GOP on this?

  7. Christ, the protracted election campaign was boring enough. The sour grapes could turn out to be even more tedious 🙁

  8. Troll, could you give us a detailed definition of your personal view as to what constitutes a Communist?

  9. If you listen to the professional right wing yippers and yappers on talk radio – Mark Levin comes to mind – you would think that the Republicans hold all the cards still, and that they just need to fight Obama holder. They don’t even know that there was an election.

  10. The west lead primarily by the US has benefited in their minds unjustly and must be brought down through collapse so that the “elite” can then reorganize the world in a just and balanced fashion.

    That would be the NWO then Troll .. you know, the NWO which apparently and laughably, some call a ‘Conspiracy theory’ they are real, and they are here.

    Soon we will all be equal after all .. welcome fellow serfs.

  11. Yes, Pete, I do think there are enormous differences between the GOP and the Progressive Democrats.

    The GOP establishment is basically Democrat-lite; the Progressive Democrats are now hard core Leftists.

    That is a huge difference. Obama will probably get to nominate 2 justices for the Supreme Court. They will be hard-left nominations and because the GOP is squishy and non-confrontational and without principle for the most part, his nominations will go through and his justices will be appointed for life.

    That gives us a Left leaning Supreme Court.

    So, yeah, too bad Ron Paul didn’t win and didn’t all you so-called Libertarians “teach a lesson to the establishment GOP squishy politically expidient. ”

    Now the country is in the waste basket and might never be very prosperous or free again.

    Live with it. You wanted it.

  12. Phantom: from your comment at 3:43 it is obvious that you don’t listen to conservative radio or Mark Levin.

  13. Ron Paul was the ultimate non factor in the general election.

    The Republicans lost the general election when they couldn’t win states like Florida and Ohio, and if you think that the autoworkers of Ohio give a rats ass about Ron Paul, you’re nuts.

    Paul was a pain in the ass in the caucus states, and the caucus states only, but the only free and fair election he did well in is in his home congressional district where the voters elected him as some sort of weird practical joke.

  14. The problem for you is that I do listen to that yapping poodle Mark Levin once in a while. He likes to think that the Founding Fathers took their inspiration from him and his Groucho Marx half-falsetto voice.

    Now that Michael Savage has a national radio megaphone again, I will be listening to him at times as well.

  15. Phantom, my comment is not just about Ron Paul – it’s about the attitude – the attitude that caused so many non hard-Left Obama voters to stay home. The attitude that said, for whatever reason: ” Romney is not my perfect candidate because he’s not a Social Conservative/Evangelical or he’s not a perfect candidate because he’s not Ron Paul, or he’s not a perfect candidate because he’s a Mormon, or maybe to robotic or maybe I don’t care to research him etc. etc. etc. ”

    For whatever reason, non hard-left voters decided not to vote in this election – less people voted for Romney than voted for McCain – and in so doing, they defaulted to Obama.

    Because the hard left – you guys really care. You want a big intrusive federal government. You think more regulation is better for business. You think the rich are “greedy” and redistribution is “fair.”

    And that’s where we stand. Those who might know better were too fat and happy, or tired and lazy, or sanctimoniously too cynical to get their butts off their chairs and cast a vote.

    We now have 8% unemployment, trillions in debt and a President who doesn’t give a damn.

    Live with it.

  16. Romney was an imperfect candidate, the others were ten times worse.

    Troll is responsible for electing Obama. Because it is his guy, the lobbyist criminal Newt Gingrich, who did very serious damage to Romney with his anti capitalism, anti Bain Capital in the primaries.

    Newt started the bleeding, and Obama only had to stick the knife in a few more times the rest of the way.

    The rest of the canidates were a freak show, apart from Huntsman.

    You had no candidates basically. Its your fault.

  17. Huh, Phantom….think man, think.

    We did have candidate. His name was Mitt Romney. He won the Republican Primary against Newt Gingrich. It’s the way the process works. Gingrich didn’t fatally damage anybody.

    Like him or not, he was our candidate.

  18. I never know, Phantom, if you actually buy the media spin or if you are just pushing it cause you’re on the Left….

    do you know?

  19. In case you are not aware, the media spin was always about voter suppression – one side works to suppress/discourage the voter turnout of the opposing side.

    Its the way elections work – the reason you are bamboozled by the razzle dazzle of it all is because the MSM is totally biased towards Obama and the MSM worked in a concerted, unified effort (for the most part) to defeat Mitt Romney.

    So, it seems like “reality” but it’s actually not “reality” so much as media spin. The fact that you, Phantom, confuse media spin with reality is why, I believe, Troll calls you “bubble boy.”

  20. Gingrich painted Romney as an elitist Gordon Gekko who closes factories and denies blue collar workers health insurance.

    Obama’s goons only had to keep saying that. And say it they did. In Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, etc.

    It was an ugly lie, but it worked.

  21. Phantom: according to you, then, Obama wasted his money running one of the nastiest and dirtiest campaign ever and he didn’t need the MSM to come to his resue a la Candy Crowley and Benghazi etc.

    so gingrich won the election for Obama because he said bad things about him during the Primary? you really think that’s why Obama’s voters turned out to vote in greater numbers than Romney’s??? because Gingrich said stuff??

    This is so silly. In order to believe this “analysis” one has to assume that the only thing voters paid attention to in the General election was the primary race when Gingrich surged and almost won against Romney.

    And you also have to believe that people listened to Romney’s fairly innocuous 47% comment, inferred something from nasty it and then turned out in troves to vote against the man who said “47%”…what?

  22. I repeat myself: do you actually buy the spin you peddle or do you just push it cause you’re on the Left?

    this is an honest question not a snark.

    I ask because you seem too smart to buy the spin but then Obama comes across as “smart” as well and we all know how deeply shallow his “smartness” really is.

  23. In retrospect, Newt was an unpaid operative of the Obama campaign. His character assassination did real damage. Obama and Axelrod only had to keep repeating what Newt started.

    The other Republican candidates did no damage to Romney or anyone else. They were empty suits, except for the cult figure Ron Paul and Jon Hunstsman, who was too intelligent to attract the attention of Republican primary voters.

    But Newt is a very talented debater. Yes, he created the most effective, if unfair argument that basically undid Romney.

  24. Also, of course, Hurricane Sandy effectively stopped the campaign at a moment when it seemed that Romney was doing well.

    Politically, it was a good wind for the guy from the windy city. The ultimate dirty trick, brought by God.

  25. I think Obama squeaked out his victory because the Republican vote was successfully suppressed by the Dems. in greater number than the Obama vote was suppressed by the Republicans. Also, the hard-core Left turned out to vote for Obama in numbers greater than the Conservative right turned out to vote for Romney.

  26. btw, I don’t think the Establishment Republicans give a damn really about this loss – they look at it as a cyclical thing – first, Bush’s turn and now, it’s Obama’s turn. They care about their personal positions and their reputations within their Washington bubble.

  27. Phantom: The Occupy movement was started before the Republican Primary. It was started by the Democrats as a vehicle for Obama’s class warfare stuff.

    GIngrich used class warfare techiques against Romney but he didn’t start them and he was just a blip on the 4 year campaing that Obama has been waging.

  28. The Republicans didn’t suppress the Democrat votes in past elections, and the reverse is not true now.

    Don’t be a sore loser. It was bad for Al Gore, or anyone else who plays that card.

  29. The Occupy movement is the biggest non story in world history.

    And still – why did Gingrich choose to parrot an Occupy line of argument? Because that is exactly what he did.

  30. Why are you blaming Gingrich?

    Of course voter suppression is an election technique – played by both parties. My acknowledgement of election propaganda does not make me a sore loser.

  31. Im not talking about physical voter suppression, Phantom. Im talking about propaganda meant to depress – negative ads against the opposition and many, many more techniques.

    Bye now.

  32. The old line MSM was wildly for Obama as was some of the new media aggregators, Huffington Post.

    But 99 pct of talk radio and Fox News and some other media was pro Romney.

    I don’t call negative ads ” voter suppression ” – we’ve had them in this country since the earliest days. They’re two different creatures.

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