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Well then, it is nice to be able to post again on the sort of topics that I know ATW readers enjoy!

I see that images of violence once more set the standard for the shiny bright new post appeasement Northern Ireland;

Eight police officers have been injured and 12 people arrested following clashes between loyalists and riot police in Belfast. Trouble began in the city when a crowd that was blocking the road attacked a van after its driver had attempted to drive through a loyalist roadblock. Police said an attempt had been made to hijack the van. Senior officers have appealed to loyalists planning to protest in Belfast city centre later not to do so.

Such violence and burning of private property is SHAMEFUL.

Loyalists opposed to new restrictions on flying the union flag at Belfast city hall have been holding protests across Northern Ireland all week after the city council voted to fly the union flag on designated days.

I wonder what role opportunistic paramilitaries are playing here?

On Friday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the city and condemned the violence.

Big deal. She is an appeaser of the men of violence and was happy to embrace IRA godfather McGuinness even as she spoke her words of “peace.” How many people lost relatives to HIS IRA?

Her comments came before Friday night clashes that left six police officers hurt in the Crumlin Road and Ligoneil Road area of north Belfast, with two more injured in Shaftesbury Square near the city centre. Among those arrested was a boy aged 13.

WHAT sort of parents allow such a young person to riot?  The quality of parenting is shocking.,

Look, here is my view on this issue. The flying of the Union Flag over City Hall in a major UK capital city should not be a problem. But it is. Why? Because Irish republicans want to see it come down for good. I do not blame them for this since that is their toxic political ideology. The people I blame are all those Unionists, and in particular the DUP, who sit in power with the IRA’s proxies but act ever so surprised when  Sinn Fein  do what they do.

Here’s the bottom line for slow witted unionist frogs;

The Scorpion and the Frog is a fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion explains that this is simply its nature”


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  1. Excellent post!

    I challange to term “paramilitary” though. It is part of the appeasementspeak. Puts them on a par with para medics in terms of legitimacy. I think terrorists or gangsters fits the bill quite nicely.

  2. The decision to remove the flag, the reason for flying the flag in the first place and the violent reaction to the decision are all symptoms of a divided society. For decades nationalists were on the receiving end of such decisions. Now as the nationalist population grows unionists are getting a dose of their own medicine. But none of it is any good to anybody.

    What we really need is a way of moving beyond battles over symbols. I’m not a great believer in renaming streets and tearing down monuments as history changes course. Nationalists will eventually take over Belfast City Council and get rid of the union flag altogether. Because we were made live under it ye will be made live without it. Is it really beyond us to come up with something better. Something that unites the people of Belfast. Or are we all doomed to live out our lives dancing to tunes that were written long before we were born.

    The problem as I see it is that unionists look on equality as a defeat and nationalists know this. So we can make unionists feel defeated while the outside world sees it as just equality. That’s a big weakness for unionists and one they can overcome by embracing equality. Their current position will lead them to successive humiliations and the demoralisation of their communities. Their leaders are happy to exploit their discontent for political purposes but in the long run it is a suicidal strategy. New thinking is needed.

  3. //The flying of the Union Flag over City Hall in a major UK capital city should not be a problem. But it is. Why? Because Irish republicans want to see it come down for good. I do not blame them for this since that is their toxic political ideology.//

    The unfortunate thing, for you, is that there are now more Irish Nationalists than Unionists on Belfast City Council, 24 to 20. Unionists are very much in a minority and don’t get to do what they want any more.

    If it were the other way around, of course, and Unionists were in a majority, they would miss no opportunity for reminding Nationalists that they are unwanted. That’s exactly what they did do for generations before Britian became so disgusted with them that it brought the whole sectarian mess down.
    Nationalists have made a compromise, and that is what this new deal is, and the Ever-Say-No Unionists are going to have to live with it whether they like it or not.

    The are just a noisy and, as we’ve seen, very ugly bunch and they aren’t going to dictate to the huge majority of people prepared to accept this deal.

  4. Henry94 –

    ” For decades nationalists were on the receiving end of such decisions. Now as the nationalist population grows unionists are getting a dose of their own medicine.”

    Which betrays the lie that nationalists wanted some nebulous “equality”. If what you say is right, they wanted dominance themselves, so the complaints about oppression were lies. They don’t mind oppression as long as they’re in the majority and doing the oppressing.

    If nationalists don’t want push back then they’ll have to drop their culture war on unionism. The resistance could have come previously, it could have come down the road, it happened to be this week and the flag vote was the catalyst.

    You can’t continue to poke and insult and legislate across all kinds of cultural matters – with the intention of suppressing unionism – without causing some kind of push back. Nationalists know this, the choice of where to go now is theirs.

  5. things are really kicking off in the city centre, with tricolours burnt and the market closed, men with their faces covered… this needs to stop.

  6. Nationalists will eventually take over Belfast City Council and get rid of the union flag altogether.

    Not necessarily. New boundaries in two years time will favour the Unionists. We are reducing from 26 local authorities to 10.

  7. In reality the new boundaries won’t favour Unionism. It will broadly stay the same. Belfast will have a 60 seat council. 51 of those wards are inside the current boundaries of Belfast. Redrawing of individual ward boundaries will to a certain degree favour Nationalists (though depending on the electoral boundaries for the LEAs the seats may stay broadly the same). The other 9 wards come from outside Belfast. Broadly speaking they are 4 wards from the Republican areas of Lisburn (Twinbrook, Poleglass, Lagmore etc) and 5 wards from the Unionist areas of Castlereagh.

    Of the 51 seats in Belfast currently 24 are Nationalist, 21 are Unionist, and 6 Alliance. The redrawn boundaries of Belfast (if the keep the same LEA [which they won’t]) will result in exactly the same. An SDLP loss in Balmoral will be a Sinn Féin gain in Upper Falls. A DUP/Loyalist loss in the Shankill will be an Ulster Unionist gain in Laganbank. Those are currently the only ones that would dramatically change.

    The 4 seats from will probably go 3 SF, 1 SDLP (maybe 4 SF), while the 5 seats from Castlereagh will probably go 3 DUP, 2 Alliance.

    The end result: Nationalists 28, Unionists 24, Alliance 8. Basically a proportional increase to the current situation. I also question where (short of continuing large scale demographic change) that Nationalism will continue to increase. They need 3 seats in the new Belfast (or 2 seats and the Lord Mayor) to have a majority. There aren’t that many poachable seats for them.

    1 of them could come in North Belfast. Nationalist probably wouldn’t have won the seat but would have been much closer had the IRSP transferred better. If they transfer, or don’t stand but Nationalists can get that vote then they have the chance to win. But so far that is the only one I can see.

  8. Also what do people think of the wonderful DUP Alderman Ruth Patterson’s comments?

    Burning the Tricolour is something that the nationalist/ republican community do at most of their parades. It’s not something you wouldn’t see at a republican parade. But I don’t condone it but I’m not going to condemn it

  9. You can’t continue to poke and insult and legislate across all kinds of cultural matters – with the intention of suppressing unionism – without causing some kind of push back

    I’m going to assume that you’re speaking of the marching issue when talking about legislation Pete, if so you’re talking spools.

    Less than 1% of Orange marches are contentious and that’s hardly surprising when when we have culture – vultures like this walking past a bookies shop on the Ormeau Rd five months after the two UDA members walked into the betting shop and sprayed it with automatic gunfire killing four men and a fifteen-year-old boy.


    Unionism will have to learn that it no longer calls the political shots in the wee six anymore. It’s gonna have to grow up and learn to live on equal terms with it’s Nationalist flatmate.

  10. The idea that she won’t condemn incitement of hatred and the burning of our national flag is bad and proves she is a disgrace. But to actually claim that we burn our own national flag is just insane and does make me think she may be on glue.

  11. Noel Cunningham,

    Your repeated posts illustrate to me what is the one of the most vile representations of an arrogant and irresponsible Englishman who, instead of supporting fellow British citizens on the geographical periphery, wants to pass-the-buck and with the “all as bad as each other game” which absolves the English in Westminster of any responsibility for problems.

    Northern Ireland was created out of a peace deal, under English terms, which granted self-determination to Irish Republicans in Southern Ireland/Free State/Republic of Ireland as well as self-determination to Ulster Unionists hence the raison d’etre for Northern Ireland. This was a compromise all round, and there is nothing “sectarian” about wanting our right to self-determination upheld.

    In the Republic in the early years any treasonsists were dealt with and promptly executed in the following civil war — something that has resulted in the Republic becoming relatively stable.

    Northern Ireland, since creation in 1921, has been under a sustained attack of terror since before its first government even sat, with Republicans wanting to have their cake and eat it too by refusing to respect the self-determination of Ulster Unionists, including attack from the governments of the south. Yet, instead of supporting its own citizens and listening to the requests for support from Stormont, the sovereign government with the powers and resources for national security refused to give the adequate resources to protect Northern Ireland from the numerically superior Republicans on the island. Instead of dealing with destructive treason, the British government over the last century has adopted a policy of appease, appease, appease, appease and encourage and allow the destructive Republican elements (which often I suspect is out of some arrogant wish to woo the territory of Southern Ireland back into the UK). This is the prime reason I give to why a few decades ago we had such an outburst of terror — the arrival of the Army in the 70s was too little, too late.

    In recent agreements Republican terrorists were once more foolishly appeased, appeased, appeased, appeased to such an extent that we now are not allowed democratic government in Northern Ireland with our right to self-determination trampled over. The only thing that was asked in return for all this appeasement was that our sovereignty would be respected. This aspect of the deal has been repeatedly broken, and the latest breach of the deal is simply a straw that has broken the camel’s back. It isn’t simply about a symbolic flag — as a protester said on the TV the flag issue only scratches the surface of the anger and discontent with the endless appeasement of destructive treason — treason which shall only fester instability further into the future.

    PS: David Vance, I really wish you would stop attacking the DUP and get behind a united voice. The DUP are doing an intelligent job at providing strength to Unionism and playing a sophisticated game at undoing much of the pathetic and weak decisions that the limp pro-agreement UUP crowd left us in. You would be being much more constructive if you attacked the swathes of Unionists who think voting Alliance is an intelligent thing to do (who pretend to live in some sort of magical vacuum where Republicans don’t exist and somehow if we keep having a “middle ground” with treason it will result in anything other than more destruction), as well as many out there who are too lazy to see that both Protestant and Catholic support for the Union is overwhelmingly there and if we want peace they need to be unashamed Unionists to have a peaceful Northern Ireland through constitutional stability.

  12. That’s some effort bout ye. I don’t think I’ve read such an elongated and articulate MOPEfest before.

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