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It’s all shadow boxing…

“The French President, the deranged socialist Francois Hollande, has declared that Europe is not “a la carte” like a menu from which member states can pick and choose their powers.”

He issued his rebuke to the Prime Minister as Mr Cameron insisted he would fight for a “better deal for Britain” and seek to take back certain powers from Europe.

The Coalition is conducting a comprehensive review of all the powers that the EU has over life in Britain, ranging from business and employment rules to the criminal justice system. The review will determine which powers Mr Cameron seeks to claw back from Brussels when the next EU treaty is written, setting out closer political and economic links between the 17 countries in the euro. However, Mr Hollande indicated that he would attempt to block Mr Cameron’s demands to “repatriate” powers in any proposed new deal for Britain.

As Hollande says, MEMBERSHIP of the EU is “for life”. He is absolutely right. It is indeed a life sentence for any Nation stupid enough to join up. Cameron may be fooling himself but he sure as heck ain’t fooling any Conservative with even half a brain. You are IN the EU, or OUT of it. Nation States cannot exist within the EU and Hollande is simply pointing out the tyranny that is the EUSSR. The sooner we leave the better but Cameron ain’t the man to deliver THAT.

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3 thoughts on “A LIFE SENTENCE…

  1. There is a possibility that the new “banking union” announced this week will eventually start to discriminate against EU member states which do not belong to the Euro, despite all the “guarantees” trumpeted by Cameron. If that happens and the single market is undermined, the non-Euro members will have no reason to stay in the EU.

  2. Much about the debate is unreal.

    Cameron has no intention of ever taking us out of the dying embrace of the EU.

    But, then again we are so changed by our association with the EU that leaving would be a shock to the system.

    See one aspect of this convergence in:”Barking at the Moon” at:


  3. I prefer Gracie Fields ditty – “Wish me good luck as you wave me goodbye!”

    The scorched earth policies of our collective PM’s from the ’70’s onwards has ensured that we will decline globally in financial and industrial importance, and our quality of life and standard of living will quickly follow suit.

    While the flow of the world’s sick, lame and lazy to these ever welcoming shores, seems never ending, it is ironically indicative of what is to come, when so many of our best ‘home grown brains’ take the first opportunity to emigrate.

    To think that DeGaulle vetoed our application to join ‘le club’ on several occasions, and our press condemned him for it. How things have changed, had he been succesful, he would now be seen as our hero! How’s that for an example of an unintended political consequence?

    Now, all together! – “Wish me good luck as you wave me goodbye! – Cheerio, here I go, on my way!’…

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