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Two women were raped by an armed assailant on the roadside in Texas after being forced to pull over. The excuse for stopping them was that a cigarette butt was seen being thrown from the car. Rather conveniently, the male assailant claims to have then smelled marijuana in the car, leading to this

Police states know no bounds.

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  1. I’m fairly sure that our American contributors have no problem with this. Phantom will confirm as he has previously mentioned that searches at airports should be more vigorous and invasive. Soon, the guys will be getting to do the ‘searches’ and the popularity of such searches with males will increase.

  2. I’ll wait for the full details to be investigated, but the womens’ complaint has been taken by the District Attorney’s office for Grand Jury review, so we don’t know yet if there will in fact be charges brought the police. it is also published in the media and they have counsel who is commencing litigation on their behalf. I don’t know of too many police states that allow that.

    We have 300 million people and instances of abuse are bound to happen. Overall our cops are an honest and dedicated group. Those who commit wrongful acts should be investigated and prosecuted if warranted. It is beyond juvenile to declare a police state.

  3. The degeneracy of morals is something disgusting. Here, the women being raped is so indifferent that she continues chewing gum and then giggling during the process.
    While the rapist is brazen enough not even to try to conceal face or name.

    I blame it all on the pill.

  4. Excuse me…but this is fucking disgusting…no jokes, no excuses.
    As for the suspension with pay…that’s due to the union contract.
    I note that only ATW made light of this. Disgusting.

  5. Anyone who steps foot in Texas should know this, pass it on:
    Police won’t tell you this, but you’ve got the right under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article 9, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. You can refuse many searches. There are some situations where the police don’t need your consent — such as search warrants. In those situations, your remedy is to fight the search in court later.

    Refusing to allow an officer to search during a traffic stop, for example, is easier said than done. First of all, the vast majority of the time the officer knows (1) what he or she is after; (2) the law with search and seizure; (3) the magic words they need to get you to say to waive your rights; and (4) most people they encounter on the road are subservient to authority and will have a hard time saying no if pressed.

  6. Is Policing in the States ‘By Consent’

    UK Police always ask you ‘Do you understand’ if you say bugger all, it’s the same as saying ‘Yes’ .. I wonder what would happen if you say ‘No’?

  7. not policing harri…’searching’…shame on the ATW men…searching is by consent. how would you like it if this was your mother, wife, daughter, niece? I almost want to wish it on you creeps!

  8. mairin2

    With all due respect, I think you will find that in my case, I have never been one of those ‘Creeps’ that for one single second believed the old mantra ‘Nothing to fear, nothing to hide’ … having ‘nothing to hide’ is no longer anyones choice, the State now decides if you ‘have nothing to hide’.. not you.

    mairin, what about all those ‘creeps’ and ‘rapists’ of the TSA?

    ‘mother, wife, daughter, niece’ touched up, sexually abused, raped, by the TSA ..don’t worry. its all for your own good, and to save you from that big bad boogeyman.. it’s nothing to do with showing you who is the boss.

  9. Mairin

    It makes for horrible viewing but there has been little making light of it that I have seen on here. I think LU ate painting with a wide brush unfairly.

  10. Harri, consider yourself excepted then…with that said the TSA is a separate issue and that’s not to say there aren’t problems there.

  11. Oh yes god forbid a woman gets her privates searched


    Some places are natural hiding places. If they were searched by a man it would be something to complain about.

    It’s gross, it’s disgusting but so are criminal women. If your searched and there is no reason I can understand being upset, but not as upset as a cop shot by a gun or stabbed by a knife a woman hid in her privates.

    Read some of the headlines in the search I posted

  12. I’ll name name names then, Aileen. Phantom and Noel made light of it. And I thought Mahon’s comment was wishy-washy but then again it’s no secret that I think he’s an ass and I would never expect anything but a weak comment from him.

  13. mairin

    Noel made light of it yes, but he was also responding to the observed nonchalance of one of the women. Phantom did not make light of the event, his comment was aimed at Pete Moore’s Ron Paul fetish.

  14. Patrick, I am we’ll aware that women can hide things there…this situation did not warrant this search…marijuana…that is what the search was for…marijuana!

  15. I have not seen the video.

    I’m not making light of whatever is shown here, but I do make light of Pete’s crying wolf and hatred of police officers

  16. Mairin

    The usual suspects you name never give serious comment on anything, but as disgusting as the search maybe it is nescesitated by many degenerate criminals that have used their body to cause police to have to check if given reasonable cause.

    The question is did they have reasonable cause.

  17. //Noel made light of it.//

    What? You mean that when we see these women giggling and nonchalantly chewing gum while being searched by a female officer and then read that they are in fact being raped, you really expect me to take that seriously?

    After reading Troll’s list I’m never going to try to get in an American women’s pants again.

  18. With our Pete, its always about ” all cops are bad ” to the point that there should be none of them.

    That is the subtext to the avalanche of bullshit posts.

  19. mairin2 –

    “Excuse me…but this is fucking disgusting…no jokes, no excuses.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    There’s something else, above and beyond an outright sexual assault by an armed attacker abusing her position to intimidate victims into compliance. She has gloves as part of her kit. So this kind of thing cannot be particularly rare. She went from anal to vaginal searches, on both women, and never once changed a glove. Above and beyond the attack, her negligence put both victims at real risk of dangerous infections.

  20. Phantom –

    Stop talking about me or Ron Paul. In fact, STFU until you bother watching the video.

  21. Pete

    the hygienic question is valid, the need for a search which we don’t really know the details of this case to make that judgement. Like the first thing a cop does is run your name. You don’t know if these woman one or both had any priors.

    Read the links in the search I posted, criminal woman hide things there quite often.

    It is not rape you anarchist

  22. Wait for the excuses to come out ..’War on Terror’, war on Drugs .. blah blah blah, illegal actions are carried out on a daily basis, you just have to hope that it is not carried out by someone wearing a uniform.

  23. Troll –

    We do know details. A cigarette butt was seen being thrown from a car. What’s that, a $100 violation?

    The male assailant then said he smelled marijuana in the vehicle. The victims say they don’t smoke it, never use it and never had it in the vehicle. But hey ho, there’s an excuse for a rape/body cavity search.

    From cigarette butt to raping, because a doughnut-muncher says so.

  24. I wonder if the Hillbilly cop even bothered asking if any of the women were menstruating, or maybe she just done away with such trivial matters of human decency.

  25. After the body cavity searches turned up nothing, Angel Dobbs was given a sobriety test, which she passed. The women were then given a ticket for littering and allowed to leave.

    “It’s because someone’s a daily smoker in that car, you can attribute it to that,” the trooper can be heard telling Angel Dobbs in the dashcam video.

    “I was molested, I was violated. I was humiliated,” Angel Dobbs insisted to reporters, adding that the trooper also took a bottle of Vicodin that had been legally prescribed to her.

    When the women filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Public Safety, they said they were told that they would be charged with lying if they filed an affidavit.

    For its part, the Texas Department of Public Safety claimed it had “conducted an inquiry surrounding the events” and then provided the findings to the Dallas County DA’s office.

    When the women filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Public Safety, they said they were told that they would be charged with lying if they filed an affidavit.

    Sounds like a Police state to me.

  26. Something went wrong and I couldn’t finish my comment. I just meant it was not true that Noel and Phantom never comment seriously.

  27. Mairin2 – At first I though you wrote that it was no secret that you considered me a piece of ass and I would have to object to being considered a sex object. However, I see that you wrote that I was an ass which is of course not offensive in the least and a lovely sentiment during this holiday season. Thank you kindly.

    Pete – Of course you couldn’t agree more with Marian2’s declaration agaisnt joking about this incident as demonstrated by your dignified title of the post.

  28. Mahons, I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. I returned to ATW after years of not posting (I first posted here before you or Phantom) and you said nasty things about me that were not warranted. For that, I think you are an ass. It has nothing to do with the holidays. You know the saying….an ass is an ass is an ass…nollaig Shona duit btw.

  29. Troll

    In the words of the American tennis player with the similar personality to yours; “You cannot be serious”

  30. Mahons –

    There’s no joking in the post’s title. Maybe it doesn’t translate well. Travel somewhere, broaden your horizons.

  31. Mairin

    Phantom didn’t make light of it and neither did Mahons, even if you thought it was wishy washy. He was just being cautious. I don’t doubt the other did but it would be fair to condemn all ATW men because of his comments. It was also a man that started the thread.

    “Noel made light of it yes, but he was also responding to the observed nonchallance of one of the women. ”

    Let’s hope if he is ever in a jury for a rape or sexual assault the victims can be seen to have responded in a storybook fashion.

  32. Aileen

    I’m sure Noel is intelligent and considerate enough to know exactly how to treat the genuinely serious crime of rape. I’m pretty sure he is not some oafish neanderthal.

  33. Mahons

    I think Pete was more interested in showing strong disapproval rather than dignity. It more shocking than funny (and intended that way).

  34. As I wrote at the beginning, the Americans here will have no problem with these happenings so the US will end up as I reckon it will – a police state. Face it: if the police can cajole the public to accept invasive searches under any circumstance, and this really was unwarranted, then the police can do anything. The reason why it’s not being widely reported in the US is simply that such things are not to be reported. The ‘reporting’ on the atrocity in Sandy Hook is an example of controlled media and it is like this: the police issue a statement and the media ‘report’ what they were told. The only real reporting is on the internet.

  35. Pete

    You’re not man enough to tell anyone on the planet to STFU. You have the intellectual coherence of Troll on an even worse day than usual.

    And your headline was the first ” joke ” that appeared on this latest cherry picker ” oh aren’t all cops the devil. Lets get rid of them all and have private police forces “. This is your philosophy, such as it is. It is vapid and incoherant beyond words.

  36. BTW A cavity search under circumstance like this should involve the cop or cop supervisor being arrested.

  37. Pete – I didn’t say it was a funny joke.

    mairin2- I wish I could recall where I wrote nasty things about you, it might cheer me up.

  38. Texas in the house…

    Pete, I recall you as a man who supports the war on drugs and the criminalization of weed.

    What do you expect in a zero tolerance, bible thumping state that views cops as societal icons? Hell, they taze the elderly, shoot kids of color in the back, hide evidence and lie on the stand as a matter of due course. This is Texas and the cops are king, especially gold-standard DPS troopers.

    You find this type of roadside personal assault appalling?

    Become an advocate for decriminalization of marijuana.

  39. I don’t see that any of our menfolk were making light of or joking about this story.

    Noel was making a very clear point. The rest were bickering or point scoring with one another.

  40. Semantics, Daphne…point-scoring/bickering are the same as bickering when the topic is sexual abuse…at least in my book. If only one looks at the incident and rethinks their comment then that’s fine by me.

  41. Mairin2 – As I advise all those who wish to engage me in a battle of wits, do not do so unarmed. You made your boo-who comment and then made the silly mistake of directing your venom at me (and others). Poor choice.

  42. Asking should be making in post above…in other words…bickering and point scoring is the same as making light of…

  43. What, Mahons? Look, I was asked to meet you…I turned the invitation down flat because you aren’t worth my time. End of.

  44. That’s nothing new on assault or rape threads on atw, Mairin – hence Noel’s comment dripping with ironic sarcasm towards some here who have displayed less than gentlemanly respect for victims in the past.

    The male cop was a complete asshole, but his behavior was simply routine for a Texas cop.

    I’d be surprised to find that this roadside cavity search is a rare occurrence, it’s just that these women filed complaints and hired lawyers.

  45. If this conduct is in any way routine, that’s astonishing.

    As I’ve said here for a few years, the war on drugs is wrong. It corrupts everything it touches. And the big majority here support that war on drugs. How’s that for a ” serious comment “?

  46. Mairin2 – Odd if you were so horrified by the post and the reactions of people that you instigate a pissing contest.

    Phantom – Yes, but now off for the 6:30 pm (sinful wit hyou in midtown tha twe haven’t grabbed a beer. been too long. E-mail me and maybe next week?

  47. Daphne –

    “Pete, I recall you as a man who supports the war on drugs and the criminalization of weed.”

    Your recollection plays you false. I’ve said a few times that I philosophically cannot argue against the freedom of adults to do whatever they want to themselves. But likewise I’ll never agree with this “decriminalise drugs and tax them” nonsense. You want drugs? Take them, but don’t dip into my pocket for treatment.

    I’ll have no truck with anyone who wants to restrict the right of the weak to arm up against drug dealers either. Many are forced into taking drugs in craphole government housing estates/projects. These are the places that government police abandons first. It’s the police that benefits more than anyone from drugs being illegal. It’s downright rude to abandon the weakest in the worst places, but it’s good for police business.

    Illegal drugs, abandoned neighbourhoods, the weak begging to be protected, special interests being paid to run “private” prisons: it’s all good for the politically connected.

  48. She’s a cop, Mairin. Not a profession that attracts the brightest bulbs or most conscientious souls.

  49. Mahons, I am going to ask you once again to stop…go away…it’s not a pissing contest…you keep bringing the thread back to yourself…it’s not about you.

  50. I know, Daphne but you only brought the male cop in your post and I just wanted to reiterate her behavior was as asinine if not worse.

  51. Anyone ever read C S Lewis’s “That Hideous Strength”? The police officer in this video appears to be the absolute embodiment of the vile, deviant pervert character “Fairy Hardcastle” from that novel.
    Damn it, any police officer, be they male or female, who touches up my lady like that, I would come after the deviant scum and ensure that they ain’t gonna be having any more children. And furthermore, any so-called American who agrees with this treatment ought to ship themselves off to Cuba or North Korea. You agree with this treatment, fine, go and f*** off to a country you’ll enjoy.

  52. No doubt her behavior was disgusting and illegal, Mairin. In my book, that was a sexual assault.

    But if the man cop wasn’t such a fucking douche bag, she never would have been called to the scene.

  53. Totally agree, Daphne…it disgusts me that anyone would follow this creep’s lead but 2x more disgusted another woman would blindly follow him and engage in assault. Disgusting.

  54. Daphne

    I have a much higher opinion of police than you stated there. I know very little about Texas police officers, but I think that most in my town are very good. I suspect that most in most towns are good.

    They see the worst of humanity every day in a way that we don’t have to.

    I think that the cop haters, here and elsewhere ( you not in that category ) tend to employ slovenly thinking, at best, and are immoral in the extreme at worst.

    I know a few cops, including the husband of a co worker here who works as a special victims unit cop. He’s a better man than me. He’s a much better man than any of the vapid cop haters here.


    Next week is good.

  55. TomTyler

    The majority here have not spoken out for ending the war on drugs.

    And this ( and much worse ) is what the war on drugs brings you.

  56. Pete 1113

    If you’re not a druggie, taxing heroin would not be ” dipping into your pocket ” for any taxes.

    And ” government police ” don’t abandon public housing in my city and I doubt that they do in yours. The cop haters complain that the cops are too much in the public housing, when it suits them.

    You wonder why these guys don’t win elections with positions like this?

  57. The majority here have not spoken out for ending the war on drugs.
    And this ( and much worse ) is what the war on drugs brings you.


    I don’t hate cops. I’ve simply had enough dealings with them to not hold the profession at large in particularly high esteem. I realize many are good people working a difficult job and behave respectfully and with compassion towards the people in their communities – even on minor traffic stops like this unfortunate example.

    But police forces tend to attract a weird element, one that doesn’t mind letting their badge status go to their heads. And in my state, you best bow and shuffle when the police come knocking.

  58. Phantom, if there actually was a “war on drugs” then I might speak out either in favour, or against it, but that’s by the by.

    Your infantile response always seems to be along the lines of “the majority says such and such, according to this or that poll, therefore everything is OK”. Bull manure. Debates on here are all about what ought to be, not about what “the majority” of ill-educated sheep vote for, as if that ends all debate.

    I’m not interested in what “the majority” speak out on. I’m interested in ideas, and whether ideas are good or bad. The numbers voting for or against an idea does not prove the wothiness or non-worthiness of that idea. Only debate can realise that.

  59. Mairin, why would her femaleness trump her professional duties?

    I’ve been exchanging emails with a friend who’s married to DPS trooper (Perry bodyguard who received a timely promotion after the campaign trail) for the past hour. She says roadside cavity searches are not routine but do take place when an officer deems it necessary.

    So, not a biggie on Texas highways if they think you might have an ounce of weed shoved up your snatch.

  60. Tom, with much love, huge hugs and total respect, this is a direct result of the official war on drugs.

    Now whether or not you think we’re actually waging one is a whole ‘nother discussion.

  61. Tyler

    I oppose the war on drugs. I’ve said so many times.

    Most here support it or don’t have the balls to say anything. And all those people are wrong – not just mistaken, but wrong – on this matter.

    The only way to win a War on Drugs is to execute all drug users and sellers. And society could never tolerate that and should never tolerate that. So we have the worst of all possible worlds now.

    You own this pig, too.

  62. it’s a male institution that has to change and the best and more meaningful change will come from within. With that said, history tells us that the change that is needed here will come from exposure and a hefty costly lawsuit.

  63. Mairin, it is a male dominated institution but I disagree that it’s the dominant factor in this particular case. Our drug centric, militarized, anything goes policing mentality is more to blame in my opinion.

    Yes, a fat, juicy lawsuit might change this particular practice. We can hope.

    But it won’t stop other standard police abuses in a state that glorifies cops as biblical protectors.

    Did you know that Harris County (Houston) has thousands of untested rape kits taking up shelf space? My state isn’t all that concerned about prosecuting rapists.

  64. Fair enough, Daphne…as someone who works in a male-dominated world on Wall Street, women who go with the status quo really get on my nerves much more than when I see men play follow the leader. That’s a whole other conversation….
    I’m also with you on the rape kits. I’ve been involved with and (have benefited from) Mariska Hargitay’s organization almost from the get-go….the rape kit backlog is a huge problem.
    It wasn’t too long ago someone posted on Dubai cops taking sexual assault lightly…it’s disgusting that it’s taken lightly here too.

  65. Well testing rape kits is all well and good, but not if any tax money is to be spent on such activities. All tax is bad.

    If that Texas income tax is to remain at zero, you have to give up something.

  66. Mairin2- I don’t go away, I return to provide truth justice and the American way and to defeat my enemies and hear the lamentations of their women. So lament.

  67. Wish it true that there were no rape kits to be tested, let alone a backlog….
    Mahons, your like the googedly-eyed boyed who sat behind me in third grade pulling on my braids…or dirt under my fingernails that I flick away.


  68. Haha…he really does remind me of the boy who used to pull my braids but I swear I never liked him…he always had a booger hanging from his nose…;-)

  69. Unfortunate nose decorations, I am sure, are a characteristic not uncommon in the area where you were raised.

  70. All you have to do is concentrate on the topic in the post, and not on others, and then your humiliation will end.

  71. Now I remember the post where you lost it. The PF inquiry. When someone disagrees with you you are personally insulted. Classic. Expect more.

  72. Again…I have no idea what you’re taking about Mahons. you don’t know me. I’ve never lost it on ATW, though David once admonished about five years ago. Seriously, go do something productive. I’m on another computer working so my daughter can study abroad and I can retire early…surely, you can spend your time more wisely. Now then, I don’t want to keep flicking you. I usually only flick knats…but really…FLICK!

  73. You’ve lost it here, I recall now how you roll. Your lesson today is don’t call out other folks if you can’t take the heat.

  74. Yup, yup…you’re showing it clear right here right now…you, the man with young children who you could be doing so many things for your family at this moment…where’s your wife Mahons? go to her…she needs you more than me…though I do like the amusement…flick…

  75. Clearly you dislike folks who disagree with you, and are insulted when they dare to. Expect more.

  76. Not at all…as troll can tell you and patty, I disagree with them vehemently…but always find common ground. Take a ride up 22 and clear your head. Stop at the Red Rooster and have a dip-top…the brain freeze might clear your head. when you get back, focus on your sleeping wife and kids…and don’t think about me…flick…

  77. It is weird. There’s a reason for that…Mahons makes things personal and it is high time the tables are turned on him. I know I will get crap for this in the days to come and all I have to say is…flick.

  78. Pete 1113

    He appears to support removing all prohibition against import production and sale of dangerous and addicting narcotics, to what he concedes is a vulnerable population of users ( ” forced to take drugs ” ) yet he opposes societal provision of ( addict funded! ) treatment for that population

    There is no doubt that Ron Paul Type Thought is the most immoral of all philosophies, even worse than Communism, which at least does not wash its hands of drug addiction issues where it has been practised.

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