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Listening to the political left shriek to high heaven about the “savage cuts” to welfare carried out iron boot of Cameron, this made me chuckle;

Benefits handouts will cost taxpayers a record £208 billion this year, new official figures revealed last night. The massive sum is equivalent to more than £8,300 for every household in the country. It means that nearly one pound in every three raised in tax by the Government is being spent on benefits.

So, under the age of austerity, benefits have NEVER been greater.

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8 thoughts on “THOSE SAVAGE CUTS!

  1. The biggest share of the expenditure, around 42 per cent or £87billion, will be spent on the state pension

  2. The state pension is known, predictable expenditure and should come from past tax paid by those drawing it, just as my small private pension is funded by the contributions that I paid to my provider. Unfortunately, governments don’t save for the future preferring to spend the money when they have it, so today’s pension crisis is brought about by past failures.
    I think it is wrong to refer to pensions as benefits, surely they are a right that was earned by our past contributions. Certainly, when taking out my private pension, I based the amount that I would need on the assumption that I would get my state pension.
    The problem is now that few people will save for the future because of poor interest rates, inflation and an ever changing pension scenario.
    So what sum should, say, a 25 year old aim for in forty years time – no-one knows, so he elects to spend it now and enjoy it, just as the government spends money that it should be saving on his behalf.

  3. FO is that pensions for ex public sector employees or the pittance the private sector receives. Bearing in mind that its’ the private sector who actually have funded both their own pension AND 75% of the public sector pensions.

    Please clarify.

    I think we need a good bloody war to thin out the ranks of the benefit claiming peasants. We could easily afford to lose several million cannon fodder in the upcoming South Atlantic frolic. Send in the batallions of human rights lawyers, lesbian outreach and five a day consultants. You know the unproductive third of our country. A few thousand civil servants and union officials that nobody would miss.

  4. Just as well we have all those immigrants from eastern Europe to take all those low paid tax paying jobs that Britons won’t do to contribute to the pension pot eh?

  5. Paul – who did those jobs that Britons just won’t do before the influx of eastern Europeans?

  6. Paul – why not try ordinary British workers and others such as students doing part-time work? That’s what I saw when I did such jobs.

  7. Because, judging from empirical evidence, it’s no longer true.

    Don’t you know that Britons won’t do menial work because;

    benefits have NEVER been greater?

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