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Bombarded by a constant stream of man made tragedies and natural disasters, I more often than not find myself reacting with little more than a numb sense of detached voyeurism. Maybe it’s simply information overload, but it bothers me that I rarely feel anything other than a mundane sense of empty pity before casually moving on with my day.

But once in a while I find myself emotionally upended by a small tale well told through intimate strokes.

Jeffrey Wright’s story tugged every last heart string I thought had been lost. Watching this man’s magnificent state of everyday grace combined with his joyful, overwhelming generosity of spirit nearly undid me.

Make the screen large and give it three minutes of your time.



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5 thoughts on “Making The Most Of The Available Light

  1. There are such magnificent and loving people all around us, if we only can see them.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Daphne – That knocked me out. I thank you. As Phantom said, these good people are really around.

  3. These kids (I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but if you know truly physically dependent beings than that is who I am referring to) are how I got through law school. I was their ‘teacher’ on record but they taught me about love and about giving it all up for someone else more than anyone else in my lifetime. Twisted bodies, some tight and some floppy….most cortically blind and deaf…eating through tubes or just purée … And somehow we made each other feel better and made each other stronger. People say law school is hard. The first year was….but the rest is just dealing with the shitty personalities law schools attract…these kids are the light.

  4. Meeting people like that, if we are lucky enough, is often what makes life worthwhile. They have an automatic ability to set you right and let you see that your problems are insignificant in the face of such humanity.

    I’ve always found that the US has more than it’s share of such people.

    This video reminds me of a documentary I once watched about summer camps in the US specially set up to help reconcile kids from the different communities in Northern Ireland. There were plenty of guys like Wright, from Black, Jewish and white backgrounds, working there as coaches, and the efforts and sheer humanity they put into encouraging kids to break out of the political and sectarian moulds was really moving.

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