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If your name is Colm, Pete, Frank, or Alison, check your email for a possible meeting this Sunday at a top secret location.

If you’re another familiar face close to London who would like to come, please comment on this thread, and I will reach out to you Sunday morning.

I arrive in the great city Saturday night, and I will be there until Thursday morning.


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43 thoughts on “ATW 2013 London Summit?

  1. Shoot.

    I think you and David ought to combine your beaucoup airline points and generously fly the whole UK crew to Austin for a two day bacchanal of beer and barbeque.

  2. Don’t worry lads, I am a bit overdue for a return visit to Belfast and Dublin, so you never know.

    And I may be returning to Austin, with a whole bunch of my no good New York friends in the spring. This past was just a scouting expedition. We’ve been talking about doing Austin right for most of the past ten years.

    We almost did it once before, but there was some football game going on so the prices were stratospheric.


  3. Not a real Commie, except by ATW standards, where everyone’s a ” leftist ” a ” statist ” or a ” Communist ” if you think that governments should so anything other than blow people up.

  4. Just emailed you Phantom to say sorry I can’t join you, not over the weekend. I hope you do get some of our London regulars to join you and have a good time sinking pints, debating the world, and slagging the rest of us off 😉

  5. Phantom –

    Me likewise unfortunately. I’ll be out of town at my niece’s Christening tomorrow and as I’m a godparent my absence might be noted.

    Next time.

  6. Ah well

    And. I was looking forward to giving the Ron Paul. Speech in person!

    Hi from Washington Dulles airport. For some reason, air fares to London were sky high this weekend. I saved a few hundred by taking a connecting flight here. I will invest the savings in the London pubs

  7. But they wuz provoked so its OK

    I paid short visits during the very bad days

    I would hope that much better days will come

  8. Would love to join you. When you’re threatening to have the Belfast/ Dublin summit please inform me well in advance so I can make the neccessary travel plans.

    Nothing to see here Petr, move along.

  9. Yeah. The thing that worries me is the equivocation from unionists. It really disgraces them. Sometimes it’s shameless whataboutery, other times it’s telling silence.

  10. Paul

    Will do

    This trip was not fully formed until recently, but vacation should have lot of notice


    The silence even here is eerie. It says more than the words

    Terrorism and criminal unrest is a lot more understandable when its our buddies and our cause eh?

    I can’t wait for the next lecture on republican wrongdoings

  11. So Phantom

    Have a safe flight.

    What are you going to do when you get the next lecture on Republican wrongdoing?

  12. I have ripped them here and on other places ( the now defunct Balrog, UI ) many times, in a very blunt way.

    There is no ambiguity in my position at all

    I don’t see it as my place to post on those matters as all the locals will have a better knowledge than I. Which is why I comment rather than post

  13. Phantom

    Tell them a few of Allan’s conspiracy theories, throw in some of Pete’s anti State diatribes, and a sprinkle of Patty and Troll’s “its all Obama fault” stories. That’ll send them to sleep 😉

  14. Hey Phantom,

    This Londoner might be able to make it, depending on time & location. Please provide further details (let me know if you need my number or email address).



  15. I wonder if Phantom has managed to fall asleep….. or has he been escorted off the plane after throttling several screaming brats ? 😉

  16. Third night of unionist rioters loyalist protestors violence discontent and still nothing to see here.

  17. I wonder will we have a sixth consecutive night of unionist rioter loyalist protestor violence tonight Petr?

  18. Could do. It’s the silence of the lambs around here. Imagine if it were republicans!

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