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First they came for smokers. Then they came for drinkers. NOW they come for the cereal eaters!

Politicians should consider banning high sugar children’s foods like Frosties and Sugar Puffs, according to LABOUR politician Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary.

Ah, and if that is not enough, another LABOUR politician wants to ban the spread of fast food shops.

“Local authorities should be given stronger powers to ban the spread of fried chicken shops and other fast food outlets, and end the sale of cheap alcohol from corner shops, especially near overweight black Labour MPs, according to proposals put forward by Diane Abbott, the shadow public health minister.

That’s how it is with the left – they cannot resist the desire to BAN. Why can’t they just leave people to make their own choices? Why do they think they know better than us?

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30 thoughts on “CEREAL KILLERS…

  1. Strangely (or maybe not), the introduction of high-fructose corn syrup is driving Americans to even greater depths of dietary incontinence. But such anti-foods are making a lot of money for the corporate sector and the politicians which it owns.

    OT but here are a whole load of Hollywood airheads “demanding a plan” to restrict guns whilst showing their own participation in big-screen gun massacres. I think these people should be seen in this light more often:

  2. I am not in favour of a ban, but I do think different rates of VAT could be used to penalise high fat/sugar foods.

  3. I just hope the Mayans were out by a few weeks.

    If it takes the end of the world to stop these fascists and puritans from ceaselessly hectoring us, bring on Armageddon. Anything to make it stop.

  4. Why can’t they just leave people to make their own choices? Why do they think they know better than us?

    If we follow that train of logic to it’s logical end couldn’t it also apply to drugs like heroin and cocaine?

  5. Aileen

    What do you think – if anything – should be done to address the problems of growing national obesity ?

  6. Colm

    Better education and support for stuff that actually works.

    Evidence that shows that when you eat can have a bigger impact on weight than what or how much you eat is ignored. How the body deals with insulin etc can be a major key in dealing with cravings and in effective FA burning. Were you about when Frank was talking about the Horizon programme on intermittent fasting?

  7. Aileen

    Yes I read that discussion and I do know a couple of people who have done the intermittent fasting diet succesfully, but it is only a short term fix. It isn’t a healthy long term practice.

  8. Colm

    I have just got the book that it is based on and on the contrary, it is precisely a healthy long term practice and weight loss is merely one of the benefits. It is a long term anti ageing regime and apparantky decreases chances of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

  9. I think weight gain/loss is all about how much. not when. not what.

    eat fewer calories for a while and your body will shrink in size. there is just no way around this.

    one way to eat less is to not eat after 4:30 in the afternoon. go to bed hungry. wake up thinner.

  10. when Big Gov. figures out a way to create bread lines among our plenitude, we will all be better off because we’ll all be thinner.

  11. Yes we should all smoke ourselves into cancer wards, drink until we’ve destroyed our livers and eat until we explode. Damn your eyes you health nuts!

    A Cheerios man myself, I am happy for people to eat their Frosted Flakes if they wish. Nothing wrong with a little food labeling however as a reminder.

  12. Oh flipping hell. I barely eat before 4.30pm but once I start, I can go on past midnight…

  13. Anyway, I am off out now for a BIG meal and lots of drink. I blame the government. They made me do it !

    See y’all later

  14. Colm

    It is based on what looks to be sound science. The book was written after the programme.

  15. Colm –

    “What do you think – if anything – should be done to address the problems of growing national obesity ?”

    What’s “national obesity”? The last time I looked individuals were obese. Their bodies are their responsibility. No, the government has nothing legitimate to say about it. You want some suggestions for how people can not become obese?

    1. Ignore the disastrous state-sanctioned diet. It’s a great way to get diabetes.

    2. Stop welfare. Wherever you have welfare you also have High Streets and neighbourhoods stuffed with take-aways. It’s a direct correlation.

    3. Stop all agriculture subsidies, tariffs and limits; implement a completely free food market. The mega-cheap, ubiquitous and poisonous high fructose corn syrup would virtually disappear.

    Open your cupboards and look at your tins and packets. Bin anything with HFCS (also known as glucose-fructose in the EU) listed in the ingredients. It’s deadly, and it’s in almost all processed foods because subsidies make it so cheap.

  16. Patty

    I KNOW that that is not the case. One of my most successful weight loses was when I was consuming far more calories than when I was putting on weight. Indeed after a couple of weeks of losing 2lbs a week, I had to cut down on what I was eating because I was spending too much money on food. Luckily the regime had suppressed the food cravings, in fact there came a time when I had to make myself eat enough.

    I didn’t stick with it only because I had trouble with the organisation necessary for it.

    I am hoping to retire this summer (early 🙂 ) and then I will be able to concentrate on my health. I think I will give the intermittent fasting a go. It has a lot of the features of the diet I was on that worked. I may need to play arround for a regime that can maintain weight a I don’t want to lose indefinitely. After 40 a woman as to choose between her bum and her face. So slim bum and haggard face or ample bum and ok face. I’ll go for ample!

  17. Aileen

    hmmmm….I find that very, very, very hard to believe that you consumed more calories than before and yet lost weight

    ….perhaps you were eating more bulk – more fruit, vegetables, raw food ….and less processed food like chips, cookies etc. ?? one little muffin can equal a huge salad + egg omelette and therefore has more calories even though you feel like you ate less.

    one Big Mac + small fries from McDonalds is nearly 1/2 the amount of calories I normally eat daily

  18. Patty

    No room for extra fruit and veg when I had chips and chocolate to eat. Not to mention chilli and sour cream and cheesecake.

    Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. Basic rule – three meals per day. Two very low carb and one where you eat what you like but you must be done in an hour.

    I read the boom but it seemed to good to be true and ignoring the advice to eat healthily in the hour (the weight loss was not dependant on that), I decided I would test it to the limit.

    I weighed myself and the next day for breakfast I had 2 eggs and about 6 slices of bacon.

    Lunch was a big steak with a wee bit of cauliflower with loads on melted cheese.

    Then was my mega binge in the evening.

    Two bowls of soup
    Big bag of sharing crisps
    Two M&S meals for two (ie 4 meals) with garlic bread
    Two M&S toffee fudge sundaes and one slice of cheesecake
    One bag of fun size Mars Bars

    I weighed myself next morning expecting to find that it was too good to be true and had lost 3 lbs in one day!

    I decided that that was just a fluke and carried on in the same vein for two weeks and lost a further 6lbs or there abouts. After that I couldn’t keep eating to that level and started to substitute some fruit and veg but not more than I would have eaten normally. I kept it going for about 5 months and lost 2 1/2 stones easily and with no hunger and eating whatever I wanted (for an hour a day).

    You cannot get away with any cheating on this diet (but you don’t need to really) and I didn’t for that 5 months. Then I was invited to have a drink on the terrace of the House of Commons by an MP friend of mine and I asked for a mineral water. She brought me a lemonade (not sugar free) and to be polite I drank it thinking that i would just start again the next day. Psychologically it did for me and I wasn’t able to properly get into it again. It is easy beu does take a lot of organising to make sure you have the food for your hour. The pride in having stuck to it was the think that kept me going.

  19. Aileen –

    It’s your choice of course, but carbs are bad news. This is the very short explanation. There’s a longer one if you like.

  20. Pete

    That is actually part of the intermittent fasting regime from my reading so far.

    The CAD is about tricking your body into thinking that it isn’t getting carbs. That is why you restrict them to just one hour a day. There is something about when you eat carbs how it lays that down as fat is influenced by the ammount of carbs the last couple of times you ate – hence the two low carb meals. I think the CAD is a more palatable version if Atkins and works for similar reasons. I am not sure if carbs are bad news full stop or tha they are bad news if eaten in such a way that our sytstems can’t deal with them properly.

  21. They’re bad news full stop. The occasional sarnie or scoop of rice is no problem, but they should be avoided on most days.

  22. If your’re doing serious physical exercise – long runs for example – a high-carb meal the night before is your only man.

  23. Nigel Lawson has spoken in favour of a high rate of Vat on junk fold and drink. Another commie traitor.

  24. Just had a Porterhouse steak, baked spud and curry beans. All washed down with beer. I am counting on the phrase only the good die young to insure my longevity.

  25. Mahons — That sounds amazing. When you do go (hopefully not for a long long time) you’ll have a smile on your face. 🙂

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