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When you read this kind of whingeing denial, you KNOW that the EU “project” will end badly;

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has denied that the European Union was behind the tough austerity measures that have swept the continent in recent years.

Really? So if the EU was not responsible for the austerity that we have all witnessed in Greece, Spain, Italy. Portugal, Ireland….who was?

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3 thoughts on “DENIAL!

  1. The Euro currency was the problem in the southern countries. But it was a product of the federalist project and its failure is now being exploited to complete that project and create a federal Europe. Without consulting the citizens of course.

  2. President Jose Manuel Barroso earns approximatley a small fortune plus free housing, all the expenses he can cram into a month, free travel, free food, no bills, Chauffeur Driven Luxury Limousines, and lives the life of avarice .. if I was him, I would deny it too 😉

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