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Oh all this violence in Northern Ireland is SO awful and I keep being told that “violence must not pay”.  I agree … just one problem.


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21 thoughts on “VIOLENCE NEVER PAYS…

  1. That photograph did turn my stomach.

    Your message is quite right.

    You should do what is right regardless of violence. The only response to violence should be to punish it.

    You should neither do wrong to reward violence or cease to do right because of it.

  2. Northern Ireland was created by the threat of terrorist violence. It was baked into the cake, as guns and genocidal violence were baked into the American cake.

    The question is what you do now.

  3. //You should do what is right regardless of violence. The only response to violence should be to punish it. //

    When Unionism was permanently in power in Northern Ireland (ah, those were the days), practically the only rioters were Nationalists.
    When that got a bit tough, the Unionist Govt brought in a mandatory 6-months jail sentence for rioters and declared that those throwing petrol bombs as well as “assistant petrol bombers” would be shot on sight (causing the great Eamonn McCann to ask: “What do “assistant petrol bombers” do, hold coats?”

    I wonder how many of those who welcomed such laws back then would support them if now used against rioters on the Unionist side.

  4. Countless nights of unionists riotong loyalists protesting and when we finally get a thread on violence it’s themmuns.


    I don’t know, the UVF threatened it and got to rule a whole state.

  5. Noel — Did you not read David’s thoughtful post before commenting? All this unionist violence is Martin McGuinness’ fault.

  6. The unionist riots in the 1800s were Sinn Fein’s fault too.

    They knew that McGuinness would get that job so they rioted preemptively

  7. Aileen – I wrote the same thing last time Troll posted his own photograph.

    People of Earth – attempts to whitewash (orangewash?) the current Loyalist rioting by gangsters and bored inner city reptiles is unfortunate. The truth is there has always been a mirror image of the violence in each community, and don’t get me started on past British violence that brought it into being.

    The police in Belfast today deserve a lot of credit for dealing with this current manifestation.

  8. Well said, mahons.

    It should also be said that there are in some cases Nationalist yobs taunting and pegging stones at these guys in an attempt to get them rioting.

    It’s all an ugly business. As usual, if the majority who stay at home really wanted it to stop, they could.
    Every decent country has riots on occasion; what makes Northern Ireland special is that there is usually a silent mass sitting at home who get some kind of satisfaction from seeing their young men cause trouble outside.

  9. While we’re on the subject of unionist rioters loyalist protestors, I found this particularly repulsive.

  10. Sorry, what was the point of this post? 2 Photos of Martin McGuinness, and 2 short sentences.

    Did David only just hear that McGuinness is Deputy First Minister?

  11. Paul McMahon
    The recording that your link refers to was removed from the BBC news website as their are doubts about its authenticity, it is possible it was made by republicans trying to stir things up a bit.

  12. Please could you stop posting pictures of that creepy old guy. He’s a weird lookin dude. Creeps me out.

  13. It is possible it was made by republicans trying to stir things up a bit

    I’ve heard everything now.

    Yeah, those Republicans and their wily ways and the BBC, (Ballymurphy Balaclava Club), in league with them too sure everyone knows that those unionist rioters loyalist protestors are fine upstanding citizens who are just misunderstood because they are protesting against the persecution of their community by the whole world.

    If the loyalist working class wants to apportion blame where it belongs – their political representatives who have used, abused and abandoned them. The days of leaving school with no qualifications on Friday and walking into an apprenticeship in the Shipyard or Mackies on Monday because your father was in the same lodge as the foreman are gone. The loyalist working class have exactly the same rights and opportunities as everyone else and are going to have to concentrate on educational and skills development. They have to stop MOPEing and do some hard work no one is going to give them anything on a plate.

  14. Paul, the days when working-class Protestants had an advantage in getting those kind of jobs are long, long gone – and their loss obviously has nothing directly to do with these riots.

    That preferencial treatment may, however, have started a tradition of not seeking higher education, and such a tradition is obviously deadly in the modern world, and the resulting joblessness may in turn be some part of the cause of the riots.

    Basically, the main cause of the riots is still probably the official one: they don’t like the fact that their flag can be lowered at the behest of Irish Republicans, they believe this is part of a long strategy to take the province away from them.

    They are of course responsible for what they do, but I heard that on at least one occasion Nationalist youths tried to provoke a riot by throwing stones at the Loyalists coming from a march.

  15. I heard that some survey or report taken in the RoI showed that something like 90 % of RoI citizens blame Sinn Fein for ‘starting it all by putting the flag issue on the table…is that true?

  16. //I heard that some survey or report taken in the RoI showed that something like 90 % of RoI citizens blame Sinn Fein //

    Mairín, it’s possible that the Sindo survey showed such a result, as its editorial line would probably blame Sinn Fein for the lousy Irish weather and its readership is dumb enough to swallow it.

    I’d say southern Irish attitudes on this are, as for an increasing number of things, the same as British – they can’t for the life of them understand why, when NI is enjoying the best chance of peace it ever had, there are some who would go out and get drenched by water canon in freezing temperatures because a flag isn’t flying that would not be flying anyway.

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