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The massive influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe into the UK has severe consequences on our public services.

“Most GPs think that NHS treatment for migrants is ‘too generous’ and are refusing to register some patients who are in this country illegally. Some doctors warn that surgeries ‘can’t cope’ with the rising numbers of overseas patients coming in for free care, a poll has found. Last year new NHS guidelines told GPs they had to register all foreigners including tourists on short holidays, students and illegal immigrants.”

The benefits of a free at point of use Health Service must act a magnet from those people from Eastern Europe who are used to the most basic, if any, medical provisions at home. You cannot blame them for coming here. You CAN blame successive Governments for presiding over this. The truth is that our public services are being swamped and are fit to burst. Yet as we enter 2013, and as reported on this blog, we prepare for a FURTHER wave of immigrants.

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