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Poppy_Appeal_Logo_Web.jpgThis rather excellent idea was brought to my attention by an ATW reader..it seems that the Poppy Apeal folk are offering a modern way to donate.

Texting "poppy" to 85099 gives you choice of 1 of 3 poppy images for your phone and donates £1.50 to the Legion.

What more worthy cause could one donate to. As we approach Remembrance Sunday, let us all give what we can to assist those who have made great sacrifices for our freedoms.

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    Britain Sells Arms To Iran

    By: David Bedein, The Evening Bulletin

    The British government has acknowledged arms sales to Iran and Syria.
    A British Foreign Office report said the government has granted licenses for dual-use equipment to Iran and Syria. The report said the exports include components and technology that could be used by the militaries of the two Middle East states.
    Iran spent about $350 million, or 180.5 million British pounds, on a range of British dual-use systems. The Foreign Office cited aircraft engines, machine tools and chemicals.
    The British Foreign Office said Syria has ordered nearly $200,000 worth of dual-use items from Britain, including chemicals as well as technology to produce toxins. The purchases were said to have taken place between October and December 2005.
    The report cited British arms and dual-use exports to Algeria, Israel, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. In all, Britain sold military or dual-use components to 19 out of 20 countries deemed "major concern." The exception was North Korea.
    The Foreign Office said Libya ordered 42 million pounds, for about $80 million, in dual-use technology from Britain. Algeria reportedly received 33 million pounds worth of weapons over the last year.

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