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Yesterday was Orwell day but EVERYDAY is Orwell day at the BBC.  Consider this:

Here’s renowned Biologist David Bellamy who came out opposing man made global warming. He is a FORMER BBC star;

‘From that moment, I really wasn’t welcome at the BBC. They froze me out, because I don’t believe in global warming. My career dried up. I was thrown out of my own conservation groups and I got spat at in London.

Here’s renowned CURRENT BBC star David Attenborough;

“Sir David Attenborough has described mankind as a ‘plague on the Earth’ and issued a stark warning that the world must limit population growth. The 86-year-old presenter bleakly predicted that if humans do not curb burgeoning populations then nature will do it for us. 

Sir David, who is a patron of the Population Matters organisation which calls for smaller family sizes, made his comments while speaking to the Radio Times about his latest series for the Eden channel.”

Two legs good, four legs better. Almost as IF the BBC has an agenda …

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  1. I’ll agree, (as I have many times in the past), that the BBC is biased, but this article about Bellamy is just bullshit Mr. Vance.
    David Bellamy stopped making programs for the BBC in 1994, ten years before his first public statement showed skepticism about climate change. The worst you can accuse the BBC of here is ageism, not climatisum. Many climate skeptics work for the BBC and still do. (Mr. Clarkson for one.)

  2. I saw the Attenborough article The first thought that popped into my head was can we book him for a world tour of Mosques.

  3. Should this not be called “A Tale of Three Davids”, because your story of the BBC not allowing dissent comes right above another story of yours of how you appeared on the BBC today.

    My god, talk about Orwellian Doublethink!

  4. Anyone with any experience of life and the human condition has to agree with David Attenborough, – humanity is the ultimate global pollutant. In extremis humanity will ultimately destroy humanity!

  5. Noel,

    But do they not require an ‘exception that proves the rule’, if for no reason than to deny the accusation that do not allow dissent.

  6. Bellamy apparently also blames a failed run for the PM (at the time of Mr. Major) on his lack of BBC appearances.

    Sometimes vivid failures such as Bellamy try to grab onto dissenting and/or ridiculous positions in order to gain celebrity status and/or attention. Such intellectual gymnastics allows some folks to get on air time because the media in a quest to appear balanced often mistakes a different opinion for balance.

  7. What with the recent news coming from our ‘beloved’ NHS re the state of the hospital infrastructure and how it is affecting treatment of the elderly, I now read the clip below, (from the DM, but widely reported anyway).


    Is this a seachange in attitude that I detect? – as a senior, do I need to be perhaps a tad apprehensive about the next few years? or is this just anothe conspiracy theory?

  8. Ernest – you need not worry, only the good die young (I kid). I don’t think that the throw-away comments of some Japanese Minister will lead to any Eldercaust any time soon.

  9. It is same we don’t see more of David Bellamy. He had a great enthusiasm for science that was infectious. My mother was a big fan. “He has a lovely mind”. This seemed to be a comment about his knowledge intelligent and wholesomeness 🙂

  10. As mentioned, Bellamy was not in the BBC employ at the time. To a neutral it sounds like sour grapes.

    Attenborough no matter what his belief system was always going to be more (in)valuable. Superior knowledge. Superior intellect.

    No real story here.

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