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Ministers have indicated that they believe motorists are being “ripped off at the petrol pump” ahead of an official report into whether consumers are being treated fairly.

Oh do sod off. Of course we’re being ripped off at he pumps. By the chiselling bastards who have the utter cheek to investigate fuel firms! I’m going for a lie down.



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3 thoughts on “DON’T STEAL, SAYS THE MAFIA

  1. My Dad ran a petrol filling station for most of his life.
    He used to say that if a customer arrived, bought £20 worth of petrol then came into the shop and bought a Mars Bar that he made more from the sale of the Mars Bar than he did from the petrol.
    Sad indeed.

  2. A co worker inherited two gas stations in NJ.Which she sold in a year.

    Its a huge amount of work for low profit indeed. The only ones who make money are Exxon and the govt,

    When there are price spikes, you get attacked and prosecuted and vilified. No thanks. Better to do anything else.

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