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Curious story here;

THE absence of custodial sentences for fuel fraudsters in the past decade and the ongoing illicit trade in south Armagh is the “price of peace”, according to a south Armagh pastor. Barrie Halliday from Bessbrook Five Mile Hill Pentecostal Church was speaking after the head of HM Revenue and Customs revealed that nobody had been jailed in Northern Ireland for fuel fraud in the past 10 years, with suspended sentences being handed out instead.

This is not a surprise. The fuel fraudsters are republican “untouchables” who must not go to jail.

Mr Halliday says he has previously attempted to mediate a ‘peace process’ settlement between the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) and 15 south Armagh fuel smuggling families in the interests of what he said would be peace and stability.

Huh? I know Barry but do not understand what this means. He should not be “mediating” any such thing.  Fuel Smuggling families in South Armagh SHOULD be subject to the full weight of the law but that should be enforced by HMRC and the Police, not Pastors.

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4 thoughts on “FUEL FRAUD…

  1. wait a minute mediate a ‘peace process’ settlement what were they smuggling the Fuel to make Petrol Bombs?

    or is it just fear that if someone actually enforces the law that they WILL make Petrol Bombs.

    I know, maybe those 15 families can negotiate to stop smuggling fuel in trade for a political office in NI. I’m sure if they run there are some here that will support them.

  2. Isnt Slab Murphy up on fuel smuggling charges? I could be wrong, but he seems to keep getting arrested.

  3. Ten years and not one of them in jail. They poison the environment, they cheat the tax man, they harass the local community – and yet all in government evade the issue. It is long past time to address this issue. Plans have been proposed but mysteriously die on the vine. When are the journalists going to do some serious investigation on the issue?

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