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I fully approve of those accountancy companies which help business minimise the TAX they pay to Government. I’ll explain why in a moment;

Britain’s biggest accounting firms yesterday said they were ‘proud’ of making billions helping companies avoid UK tax. In ‘shocking’ evidence to MPs, bosses told how they regularly advised wealthy corporate clients to use offshore havens and legal loopholes to minimise UK tax payments. They admitted to having more than 200 offices in tax havens such as the Cayman Islands or Switzerland.



For starters, there is no virtue in tax. It is instituonalised theft. The more the State can get the more it wants. It bloats and grows inefficient knowing that it can always raid private business and take even more of its profits.

The UK tax codes are also massively complex and within this complexity lies the space for these accountancy companies to profit their clients. IF you want to simplify tax — by introducing a FLAT TAX RATE — then this would severely limit the scope for avoidance.

Finally, listening to those fat cat politicians like Margaret Hodge (Remember HER difficulty with her..ahem..expenses?) preening their feathers as if they were morally virtuous on this issue is nauseating.

In the final analysis, we should ALL pay less tax. That is the greater moral good.

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  1. The testimony was condemned as ‘shocking’ and ‘depressing’ by MPs on the public accounts committee.

    Astonishingly, each of the executives in turn said they were ‘proud’ of their work.

    Citizens are instructed to be also shocked, depressed and astonished that some people wish to keep as much of their income as possible, and that they do so while obeying the tax laws which Parliament has imposed. Who wrote that piece? It can’t have been a journalist. It’s plain propaganda.

    Why are we not pointing at MPs in the street and openly laughing? The most corrupt bunch of people in the country are “shocked” that we’re not shovelling over all our loot to the savage beast? Sod off!

    In the meantime, of course, they write rules for themselves which vastly inflate how much of our loot they personally trouser. It’s everything from mortgages to office expenses, staff costs and subsidised food and booze. They want us to think they get paid £64K a year when the truth is they trouser much, much more than that.

    Who’s got so little self respect they’d take any MP seriously?

  2. The tax system is like letting a spoilt brat decide how much pocket money he is going to get from his parents, and what to spend it on. Pretty soon you get a house full of rubbish, and bankrupt parents. We all have a moral duty to ensure that the state has as little money as possible, with no other checks and balances, it is the only way of ensuring that the money is spent wisely.

  3. mjr –

    “We all have a moral duty to ensure that the state has as little money as possible”

    Yes, absolutely. It’s our wealth, they are our servants. The State has no proprietory claim to what is ours.

  4. I agree that a large proportion of government spending goes on extravagant public sector salaries and pensions and inflated payments to ministers’ private sector cronies. If the many overpaid “public servants” were paid merely generous salaries, the government debt crisis would be over, taxes lowered and business envigorated.

    However I think the following extract from the Mail suggests a level of corruption worthy of government ministers taking place in the large accountancy firms –

    “It also emerged that the companies all send senior tax partners to HMRC or the Treasury to help draft new legislation.

    When they return to their firms, the companies use the new-found knowledge of loopholes to devise new ways for corporations to avoid paying full dues to the taxman.”

    It sounds like the big firm’s senior partners are paid by the taxpayer to write the tax law and then paid by their rich private clients to exploit the loopholes they have created. Is this fraud?

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