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You have to laugh at the sheer brass neck!

Syria’s embattled President Bashar al-Assad has accused Israel of trying to “destabilise” his country.

I would have thought that’s what he has been doing!

It was his first remarks on last week’s reported Israeli air strike in Syria. Syrian TV has shown images of the raid Damascus says Israeli jets carried out on a military research centre in Jamraya last Wednesday. US officials said the air strike targeted a weapons convoy bound for Lebanon. The Israeli defence minister has hinted his country was responsible. Ehud Barak told a security conference in Germany on Sunday that the strike was “proof that when we say something we mean it”.

Syria, a client state of Iran, uses Lebanon to try and destabilise Israel. For Boy Bashar to whine about destabilisation is surreal.

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18 thoughts on “POT KETTLE BLACK!

  1. I wonder how long he has and once he’s gone what will rise up in his place. It seems a lose /lose situation.

  2. //Syria, a client state of Iran, uses Lebanon to try and destabilise Israel//

    Syria isn’t trying to destabilise Israel. Assad is mad, but not mad enough to try that.
    What he is doing is trying to stabilise Syria by presenting Israel as the common enemy.
    It’s too easy for these guys to exploit Israel’s instinct to hit back. However, strike as Israel might, nothing can stabilise Assad’s hold on Syria now.

  3. What he is doing is trying to stabilise Syria by presenting Israel as the common enemy.

    True, but it’s also true that Israel is Syria’s enemy.

  4. //it’s also true that Israel is Syria’s enemy.//

    Of course, but Syria under Assad was not Israel’s enemy.
    Whie Israel continues to occupy Syrian land, Assad was too interested in power for its own sake and his own and his family’s fortune to bother about his country’s or people’s interests. He was effectively neutral in the Israel-Arab conflict.

  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/from-algeria-a-lesson-in-how-to-bypass-democracy-8468794.html?origin=internalSearch

    Just a year ago, the Pentagon produced its restricted file on “Special Forces Unconventional Warfare” – missions to overthrow governments “in the absence of overt or eventual hostilities by the sponsor [sic]”. Among the tactics: “USG [US government] agencies co-ordinate with allied government-in-exile or resistance leadership for desired US support”, “SF [Special Forces] team organises, trains and equips resistance cadre. Emphasis is on developing infrastructure.”

    “In addition, there must be a spark that triggers insurrection, such as a catalysing event that ignites popular support against the government power…”

    And the resistance will need “moral or political support in the international forum [sic] … resources, such as money, weapons, food, advisers, and training; sanctuary, such as secure training sites, operational bases over a border, or protection from extradition.”

    Now let’s apply the above to Syria. The “sponsor” (the US) wants to keep out of the battle, the Syrian “government-in-exile” has already been chosen, all FSA propaganda (YouTube videos etc) suggest constant victories on the part of the resistance. The “spark” was the torture of children by government forces in Deraa, the “ethnic ghettoes” – for which read sectarian ghettoes – are Sunni areas of Aleppo, Homs, Hama and the suburbs of Damascus.

    The international “moral and political support” comes from Obama, Cameron et al, the money and weapons from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, “sanctuary” over the border is in Turkey and Lebanon. Oh yes, and “UW [unconventional warfare] operations may involve HA [humanitarian assistance] to benefit populations sympathetic … to a particular UW effort.” In other words, bread for those who support the resistance, starvation for the rest.

    But let’s be fair. Any similarity or parallel with Syria this past two years is unintended.

  6. Petr – touche. But think of how the IDF helped him by knocking out his nuclear facility. If it was still going he would have to worry it might fall into rebel hands.

  7. //think of how the IDF helped him by knocking out his nuclear facility//

    Actually, shortly before that, Bush had wanted to take on Assad but was apparently dissuaded by the Israeli PM at the time, Sharon, who kew that with Assad Israel has a man it can trust to do nothing dangerous.

    If this civil war had ended earlier, there might have been some hope, but at the moment things do look grim indeed.

  8. Syria sees Lebanon as a colony and has organised political assassinations many times. Assad will flee to Moscow, he will want to avoid the end that Gadaffi suffered. His downfall will be a great setback for Iran and Hezbolla, but there is a risk that sunni jihadists will have great influence in the new regime. This will have serious implications for Iraq.

  9. I seriously doubt he’ll flee to Moscow. He’s far too proud for that. And anyway, there probably won’t be a clear winner to this war, but rather some sort of deal involving Assad stepping aside but getting immunity from prosecution, along the lines of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen.

  10. If not Moscow, then where? He’s not welcome in any Arab country and he won’t fancy Teheran.

  11. Well, obviously we’re all trying to tell the future here which isn’t easy, but my guess is that he’ll stay in Syria, as Saleh has stayed in Yemen, where he continues to wield influence, by the way.

    Unless there is major external intervention – still a possibility – Syria is set for a prolonged stalemate, in which case Assad is unlikely to go into exile.

  12. Assad is losing the war, even his Alawite heartland is now threatened. He will not be safe anywhere except Moscow.

  13. Assad is from Syria and he descends from people of that area. He has every right to remain in Syria because it’s his homeland – but what about the jews in Israel?


    – Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium, according to a gene study published on Thursday. –

    These Khazars have absolutely no claim to any lands of Israel. So much for being ‘The Chosen’.

  14. Petr

    Compare Assad’s position now to a year ago. Does he look like a winner or a loser? Even Moscow may be getting ready to abandon his regime, but he’ll always be welcome there and the Swiss banks will stay loyal.

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