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Worth a view. This IRA atrocity happened 35 years ago. I wonder WHATEVER happened the IRA commander who gave the go-ahead?

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4 thoughts on “35 YEARS AGO…

  1. Disgusting act.

    It’s a pity that you don’t hold all innocent victims and victim makers in the same esteem.

  2. Really really horrible.

    I remember the 10th anniversary programme. It was off course just a few months after the Poppy Day Massacre and how one of the victims was saying that there was a lot of reaction to it at the time but that ten years on it would be forgotten and people didn’t really care. She then commented about Enniskillen and said that that would be forgotten too and people would soon want to forget about that too.

  3. One of the people who happened to be close by at the time and helped clear away the debris in the search for survivors was Michael Stone, who apparently had been apolitical until he saw the effects of political violence.

    Thank God these things belong to the past in Ireland.

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