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Ulster Unionist Leader Mike Nesbitt is confused, a quality that seems essential if one is to lead that political party. Just consider this a moment;

The leader of the Ulster Unionist party Mike Nesbitt has called on the organisers to call off this Saturday’s flag protest in Belfast city centre. On Saturday, a parade has been organised to mark the murders of two Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) soldiers who were killed by an IRA bomb in 1988. Mr Nesbitt said nothing should deflect from marking “the memory of two brave citizens”.

James Cummings and Fred Starrett were killed on 24 February 1988 in an IRA bomb attack in Royal Avenue. Mr Nesbitt said: “I understand over 1,000 people will take part in the parade to commemorate James and Fred who were members of the Ulster Defence Regiment deployed to protect the building site that was to become Castlecourt Shopping Centre”

Really, Mike? Do you think sitting in government with those whose organisation KILLED the UDR soldiers is respectful? Do you think signing up to a deal that saw the killers of hundreds of UDR and RUC officers stroll free from prison is respectful? Nesbitt talks cant. Let the Flag Protest proceed and I am sure the protesters will respect the memory of those who dies fighting the IRA scum whose political proxies sit around the same table as Mr Nesbitt and other assorted political hypocrites.

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5 thoughts on “RESPECT?

  1. “Let the Flag Protest proceed and I am sure the protesters will respect the memory of…”

    Sorry, David. I didn’t get to read any further as I was blinded by tears of laughter.

    The flag protesters grievances seem to be…

    1) the Union Flag flies over Belfast city hall for the same number of days as it is flown in actual Great Britain;
    2) loyal orders are no longer allowed to march where they aren’t wanted;
    3) a tiny Kethlic team is top of the Irish League.

    1st world problems!

  2. He may not wish the hooliganism and violence associated with some of the flag protest to be associated with the assembly for the two deceased men. That seems reasonable.

  3. Are these flag protests conducted every day?

    Do any of these protesters have jobs?

    Don’t they have anything else to do?

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