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By ATWadmin On February 24th, 2008

Wonder what you make of the news that passengers travelling on domestic flights or between European countries could have to hand over up to 19 pieces of information including their credit card details and mobile phone number before being allowed to travel? The proposal is revealed in a draft of EU anti-terror plans that would cover every air passenger entering or leaving EU countries. It reports that Britain wants to extend the plan to include sea and rail travel, all domestic flights and those between EU countries.

From my perspective this in an intolerable abuse of power by the EU andit is natural for the UK government to support it since it allows the State to collect even more information on us all – and done under the pretence that it will help on the war on terror – a war that EU already has lost!

6 Responses to “LIMITING LIBERTY…”

  1. David –

    There goes free movement, the last excuse given by the Euroloons in favour of us being governed by a foreign power.

    I thought I read in the post that our pretend government wants to force us into handing over credit card and mobile phone details to get a train. This is too absurd for words. Clearly that extra pint last night of Old Marston’s Country Scrote has fuddled my mind.

  2. Maybe I am wrong, as there’s always a first time, but I do recall that the 9/11 hijackers used mobile phone communications as part of their toolkit that day.

    I’m not opposed to the mobile phone and credit card data requirement, and I’m cool with the requirement for biometric passports–I just received mine.

    You, and we, need to be a billion times more muscular against the enemy without and within–and we initiatives like this are unfortunately necessary.

    Remember Madrid.

  3. The E.U. is not waging war on terror , it is waging war on the people of Europe , the sooner that the U.K. comes out of this evil entity the better .

  4. The Doctor

    So you think it of no use to antiterrorism efforts to have the cell phone numbers and credit card data on terrorists and their sympathizers? No use at all?

    Keep in mind that mobile phones were critical to what was done on both 9/11 and at Atocha rail station in Madrid. And the importance of credit card data in this sphere is obvious.

  5. Phantom –

    Yes, Madrid, so what? How would Britons having to submit mobile phone numbers to ze authorities at Kings Cross have prevented that?

    So the terrorists used the phones as detonators – does handing over your number prevent them from working? If you’re going to tell me that anti-terror agencies could then block a phone between a number being submitted and the raghead getting on the train or plane, I’ll tell you that’s too damn close for comfort in the first place, and the raghead shouldn’t be in Europe anyway.

    European governments have spent 30 years importing savages and they’ve got savagery. Now they tell us we have to be denied simple liberties becasue of the presence of the savages they imported.

    Nope, that’s a bad deal. My liberties are mine and not up for taking away by authorities who have wrecked the Christian West. Stop importing savages and you won’t get savagery.

  6. Stopping importing these savages is not enough, Pete. There are already millions of them here (in Europe). They have to be returned to the self-created shit-holes of their origins.