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I have been saying this on the BBC for some time now, to the annoyance of some, but at last we now have some FACTS and — goodness me .. they confirm my argument!

Almost a third of benefit claimants in Northern Ireland who were re-assessed for their entitlement to Incapacity Benefit have been found fit to work

More than 80,000 people receive the payment in NI, which is paid to people who are too ill to hold down a job. Almost half of these claimants have had their cases re-examined due to changes to the UK welfare system. Of the total who were reassessed, 12,500 were found fit to work and they will lose their Incapacity Benefit.

SO, one third really were the parasites I complain about gorging off the generous Incapacity Benefit system.  Astute readers will recall this was part of Labour’s strategy during their years in power. It meant that the numbers claiming UNEMPLOYMENT benefit fell and only a cold hearted monster would DARE to question the motives of “the sick”.

The good news is that this has now been stripped from them but then comes the BAD news…

They will be transferred to the Jobseeker’s Allowance, which is about £30 less per week than the sickness-related benefit.

Shouldn’t they be made to pay BACK the extra benefit that they will knowingly fiddled from the taxpayer? With the likes of west Belfast having staggering high levels of Incapacity benefit claimants, I trust the rigor that has exposed ALL these cheats will also have been applied in that area?

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  1. No David

    One third are deemed to be fit to work by the assessors. . It doesn’t mean that they all actually are.

    They should only be forced to pay back anything f they obtained the original benifits fraudulently, not because one assessor comes to a different conclusion than another.

  2. Bernard

    What are you on about?

    I haven’t said how many assessors there were.

    For each person the article refers to, there had to have been at least two assessments, otherwise there could not have been a reassessment!

    I doubt if there was just one assessor who did all of them.

  3. Colm

    It was a bloody daft comment on more than one level. Even if I had said how many assessors there were, what would I have to make my mind up about?

  4. Aileen

    Well it’s time to make up your mind whether Bernard is a bit of a prat or a total prat 🙂

  5. I read somewhere that seventy five percent of the welfare bill is pensions. This needs examined and those who do not need state pensions should be means tested, infact all benefits should be means tested with universal entitlements like child benefit all being subject to means testing. If people are fit for work they shouldn’t get sickness benefit.

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