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Whilst a healthy dislike of central Government is an asset, local Government is equally worthy of our scorn.

Forty-one per cent of town halls will ignore pleas from Local Government Secretary  Eric Pickles for a freeze on the tax, according to a survey. Despite soaring living costs and the resulting squeeze on family budgets, they plan to forego Mr Pickles’s offer of an extra Government grant in exchange for agreeing to the freeze. The average band D bill is likely to rise by 0.8 per cent or £11.74 to almost £1,500. Last year’s typical rise was 0.3 per cent.  The largest increases will be in Yorkshire and Humberside, where some bills will go up by £16.30. Among those councils foregoing the grant, rises are likely to average 1.1 per cent, the annual study by the Chartered Institute of Public  finance and Accountancy found .

A VERY small number of Town Halls are cutting Council tax but it is remarkable that 41% of them CHOOSE to increase this tax even at a time when central Government are prepared to subsidise  freeze. And therein lies another truth – the more power you give to ANY form of government, the more it will exercise it. The central issue is lack of financial rigour, endemic across the public sector. Councils SHOULD be trying to cut tax EVERY year by finding savings through greater efficiency, but as we all know, this is a phantasm within local government despite the rhetoric.

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  1. Local government is facing cuts of around 30% over three years so is already having to find greater efficiencies.

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