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When the British people stopped believing in God after WW2 they started worshipping the NHS. And woe betide any politician who challenges this orthodoxy.

David Cameron yesterday suggested he would never cut the NHS budget while he is prime minister. He made the claim as he came under pressure from all sides to lift the protection from spending cuts currently given to health, schools and foreign aid. In an unlikely alliance, Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable and leading Tory Right-winger Liam Fox joined forces to insist the Government’s budget ‘ring-fences’ were unsustainable. A think-tank report today warns that health alone will account for 22.5 per cent of the total increase in spending between 2011-12 and 2014-15. But the Prime Minister insisted he would not countenance cutting health spending.

To be clear; Cameron is playing to the gallery. He knows that the NHS budget SHOULD be cut but he also knows that the liberal media, led by the BBC, will ferociously attack him should he dare to reduce spending on the NHS monster. So he postures as a defender of  a health care system that is, at best, incompetent, and at worst, cruel beyond parody as we saw at Mid Staffs.  The NHS is ridden with inefficiency and incompetency and yet Cameron is determined to keep feeding it OUR cash. Slaying the NHS would be the greatest achievement of any modern day UK politician but I am afraid they all lack the courage to say the unspeakable. Far easier to pretend that things must stay as they are.  The politics of populism have long since replaced those of principle and people like it. Good luck with that when the money runs out, as it assuredly will with the bloated NHS.

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