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Great to see a judge make a sensible decision for a change!

A court has blocked a ban on the sale of large sugary drinks – including soda – from restaurants in New York City, a day before the law was to take effect. Judge Milton Tingling ruled that the measure was “arbitrary and capricious”, after industry groups sued the city. The law would forbid the sale of drinks larger than 16 ounces (473ml) in food-service establishments. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the judge was “totally in error” and has vowed to appeal against Monday’s ruling. He has touted the ban as a way to reduce obesity. Research suggests that 58% of adults in New York are obese or overweight.

Nanny Bloomberg should chill out – with a large soda. From the looks of him, he needs to out a few pounds on!

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  1. he also said it wasn’t a banning it was “portion control”. He is also now saying people should not be able to listen to their ipods or cell phones at above 80 decibels the level that can start to damage hearing. Most ipods and cell phones can be set to 110 decibels.

    How long before it’s illegal to cell devices that can be turned up high? I have no pity for NYrs they deserve what they get. They voted for this man 3 times. The voted for a congressman from Queens named Meeks who is going to go to jail for bribery and other charges, yet felt it was important to go to Hugo’s funeral.

    From the intelligence of there votes and the first hand quality of the arguments of those right here put forth from NY they demonstrate their lack of understanding in so many things they are only worthy of laughter and ridicule.

  2. There was a genuine ray of joy in the office yesterday when the news of judge’s decision spread. In a small way, it was like the day they repealed prohibition!

    Bloomberg is on to something – Americans are very overweight, and a huge reason is that they eat bad food, and a huge part of the bad food is fructose sweetened soft drinks. We should drink less of them.

    But prohibition is usually a bad idea. It’s bad as respects alcohol, it’s wrong as respects marijuana, and it’s indefensible as respects Coca-Cola.

    Even if there was a case to be made for banning any of these things, the ban should be done on a national or state level. Each city or town should not be entitled to have it’s own list of what foods are permissible and which are verboten.

    Bloomberg, you’ve been more good than bad as a mayor, but for the love of God, please just get the hell out of here.

  3. I agree with the judge’s decision. I also think Bloomberg has been a very good mayor aside from his ‘health’ crusades.

  4. Yes. It’s not the worst fault he could have had.

    NYC has had much better mayors than it has deserved. I fear our winning streak may soon end….

  5. Bill Thompson, Mark Green, Fernando Ferrer. The three guys he ran against. Would anyone in their right mind prefer them as Mayor?

    Let Bloomberg have a few misteps, no one is perfect. He’s been a good Mayor overall.

  6. gee now that they convicted the cannibal cop in NY maybe Bloomberg will pass a law that the eating of human flesh isn’t good for you.

    Bloomberg vows to appeal his loss on the grounds that sugary drinks served in certain venues is the same as Lead Paint.

  7. yeah he’s doing great the unemployment rate in NYC is 9.1% while the rest of the state is 7.9, with 1.7 million people on foodstamps

    Corporations are relocating to every other state to avoid the taxes. Yeah great job.

  8. that 1.7 million on foodstamps equals half the people on food stamps in the entire state.

  9. New York City has twice as many Fortune 500 Companies as the next nearest City. Historically and for several decades (wit ha blip here or there) unemployment has been higher in the City than outside of it in the State. NYC is rather a large place, and attracts in addition to highly educated workers, lowly educated workers. As for food stamps, once agai nthere are a lot more peopel in NY. In terms of its population, the percentage on food stamps is of course much greater elsewhere, NY is not even in the top ten among the states. People who don’t understand such things as population, demographics etc. tend not to undertand economics.

  10. The soda initiative was dumb by any measure but I do agree with his campaign to combat teen pregnancy.

    New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has drawn the ire of the poverty-industrial complex for launching a gutsy ad campaign against teen pregnancy. Posters in thousands of bus shelters and subways show tiny tots bewailing the bad news about teen pregnancy. “Because you had me as a teen,” cries one, “I’m twice as likely not to graduate high school.” Other stressed-out toddlers warn of the financial burdens their unwed mothers will face and the near certainty that their fathers won’t stick around. One little sage identifies the simplest way to avoid poverty: graduate from high school, get a job, and wait until marriage before having a child.

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