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Cypriots should become Austrian. The banks were supposed to open today, but now the’re scheduled to open on Tuesday. The obvious question is: which Tuesday? In the meantime the government/banking nexus continues to thieve depositor’s money. As usual, Lew Rockwell, Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, cuts to the quick –

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  1. Ah, RT.

    Favorite tv channel of the Russian oligarchs and / or Russian money launderers who take a lot of Cyprus vacations.

    Strange bedfellows, and all that.

  2. This is Phantom at his deceptive best. He doesn’t ask whether the message is correct, but merely who is the bearer. If it is an ‘approved’ corporate, than all is well and believed. If not, then it’s false. Unfortunately, Rockwell calls it correctly. Take your money out of the bank and keep it in your own safe inside the safe of your solicitor. If your solicitor can store your title deeds, then your own safe can be kept to, for a reasonable fee.

  3. RT has no commercials and none of the cable companies pay for it.

    It is provided free worldwide as it is a propaganda arm of Putin and his oligarch buddies.

    There is a curious relationship between this corrupt, snappy propaganda vehicle and the Paulie Cult, the and the Occupy / Get A Life brigade.

    Whatever floats your boat.

  4. Phantom – is the message by Lew Rockwell correct or not? I don’t care who owns RT and I don’t believe anything on it about Russia for the reasons which you gave.

  5. They tend not to report that much on Russia, false or true.

    The version we get here is an anti US / anti corporate dog’s dinner of a station.

  6. Phantom – you get reports on the US from a company which is not part of the US media corporatocracy. I understand why you object.

  7. RT does not practice serious journalism. It’s a propaganda vehicle, the bastard child of Pravda and Izvestia.

  8. I think RT is excellent and often goes where other broadcast media fear to tread.

    Quite a few notables have been more than happy to be interviewed by them too: Peter Schiff, Max Keiser, Nigel Farage, to name but a few.

  9. Tell me one significant story that they ever broke.

    All I see is a bunch of moaning and groaning about America, the ” banksters “, how great the Occupy movement is.

    And they hire pretty newschicks in very short skirts, stealing a page from the Fox News playbook. A current internal ad shows a short skirted woman smashing a TV set with a big hammer, which Sigmund Freud would have a field day with.

  10. ah yes, and another thing too; their comments are unmoderated, which is pretty rare on any website.
    (I had no idea Freud watched tele)

  11. UPDATE:

    (Reuters) – The Cypriot government submitted a bill to parliament on Thursday giving the finance minister or central bank governor the right to impose capital controls on banks.

    If this isn’t slapped down, so much for the free movement of capital within the EU. Take care of what you have, people. Ideas like this have a habit of spreading after it’s done once.

  12. Mr. Rockwell speaks well.

    I do note ( at 347 ) that he predicts ” inflation down the road “, clearly referring to price inflation, using the language of normal people on planet earth. He’s not a pedant, the ATW pedants should follow the lead of the excellent Mr. Rockwell, unless they wish to say that he ” knows nothing about economics “

    Maliciously yours


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