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Take this fun quiz! Guess which Collectivist said it!
(BTW: "Collectivist" is another word for "Progressive.")

From The People’s Cube. 


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8 thoughts on “Take a Fun Quiz!

  1. Hmmm not a bad score here, Patty. I would have done better had I gone with Hillary Rodham Antichrist more often instead of thinking "I’m sure that was Marx/Stalin/Lenin/Hitler." But no, it turns out the mad commie bitch said it all along.

  2. Pathetic post. Sort of silly thing the propoganda minister of some communist regime might have created.

  3. "I want to be a champion for the people I have fought for all my life – regular people."

    Shame on him for ignoring the millions who suffer from constipation.

  4. Mahons: "Sort of silly thing the propoganda minister of some communist regime might have created."

    So…this comment is based on nothing? Except perhaps the desire to criticize my post because it probably makes the left look bad?

  5. Patty: I read the quiz, I just didn’t partake of it. I find anyone who would equate any of the mainstream candidates (Democrat or Republican) with Hitler, Mao, Amin or Benito Mussolini to be foolish at best.

    Your post makes the right look bad. But not intentionally, of course.

  6. Mahons: It was obvious you didn’t take the quiz because you draw the conclusion that the post makes the right look bad when – if you took the quiz – you would see that many of the quotes are attributable to our very own Democrats seeking office.

    It’s not just a question of CLinton Obama Gore Edwards photos lined up side-by-side with Stalin, Marx, Lenin, but a question of shared philosophies as well – and this is a bit of an eye opener..

    But there are none so blind as those who will not see….

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