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Immigration is a faux debate.

The Prime Minister is expected to hit back after his Lib Dem Cabinet colleague Vince Cable said plans to cap immigration at under 100,000 were “dishonest” and could put skilled overseas workers off contributing to the UK

But Tory campaigners want the PM to allay fears that Britain’s generous benefits and healthcare will make it a magnet for tens of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians who will be free to come here after visa restrictions are relaxed on December 31.  MP Stewart Jackson said public unrest over immigration was “almost wholly the reason we came third in the Eastleigh by-election”  He urged the PM to use Monday’s speech to be “honest and upfront”.He added: “He needs to make the point that people will only be welcome if they make a positive financial contribution and, if they’re welfare tourists, they won’t be.”

Nonsense. The UK is WIDE OPEN to inward EU immigration and NOTHING can be done to stop this welfare loving tsunami unless we leave the EU. None of the three major parties have any intention of doing that so this is simply titling at windmills.

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