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Is this what we are taxed to facilitate as “policing?

Police spent four weeks tracking down a mother who joked on Facebook about throwing an egg at David Cameron, it has today been claimed.  Debra Burt said that she made the remark after becoming frustrated with government cuts. The 45-year-old from Ramsgate, Kent, wrote: ‘Cameron – I’d like to egg him’ on a friend’s Facebook timeline, during a conversation about the Prime Minister’s visit to Kent last week to witness the Archbishop of Canterbury being sworn in.

What passes as 21st century policing is far removed from what Sir Robert Peel envisaged but much closer to a Stasi State.

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  1. So having thoughts about ‘throwing an egg’ at the Prime monster Cameron and the rest of his corrupt lying charlatans is worth the attention of the thought police, but possibly millions having thoughts about leading those same corrupt lying charlatans to the nearest lampost is okay is it?

    At least the Police have got there priorities right on this one 😉

  2. Do your police read all facebook entries there?

    Or do people have to be ratted out first?

  3. “A Kent Police spokesman said officers monitored Facebook ahead of Cameron’s visit and had responded to information that someone was going to throw an egg.”

    A heroic citizen informed on the traitor. More turnips for heroic citizens!

    With sarc/off, the conversation should then be short and sweet: “Am I under arrest, officer? No? Bye.”

    Interesting to see what prompted her perilous comment: “Debra Burt said that she made the remark after becoming frustrated with government cuts.”

    Which just goes to show that people will believe black is white if the media says so.

  4. Debra Burt missed a trick there, and the point ..

    What she should have said,’No I have no intentions of throwing an egg at the Lying oaf of a Prime Monster, but I would dearly like to, with your assistance Officer of leading the insufferable lying oaf to the nearest available free Lampost .. here officer could you hold this sturdy length of piano wire for me when the time comes, for Cameron has as just a smuch contempt for you .. as he does the likes of the rest of us serfs’ 😉

  5. Phantom,
    When I were young. we had a great amount of respect for the boys in blue. Members of the public would sometimes go in to assist them if they were under pressure/attack.
    Then our country imported the blame culture from you people, and it all began to change..
    Do you know that more and more people are losing confidence in the police, losing confidence that the police are on the side of the people, losing confidence in their ability/commitment to protecting them when they come forward as witnesses.

    And do you know why all this is happening?
    It’s because our politicians have politicised the police force, and moved their priorities away from upholding law and order to obeying the government’s priorities.

  6. This type of policing, this aggressive monitoring of facebook and lame sites like it for speech matters, didn’t come from us. My cops don’t do it, and I’ve not heard of other US forces doing it.

    Your Met police came up with this on their own.

  7. Maybe Phantom.
    But our police force has been politicised.
    AND the compensation culture definitely came from your side of the watewr.
    Fess up!

  8. The lawsuit / everyone’s a victim culture is definitely a noxious US import to the UK and other places. I see you know have ambulance chasers advertising on TV there now to. Very bad.

    So far, places like France and Germany are largely free from this most noxious of weeds.

  9. S’alright Phantom.
    I wasn’t blaming you personally.
    And actually we didn’t HAVE to import it did we?

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