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This was so obvious any idiot could have seen it coming.

Bank accounts in Greece, Spain and Portugal could be raided as part of efforts to shore up the Euro, a senior Eurozone figure has suggested.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Dutch Finance Minister, who heads the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers, suggested that today’s deal to save Cyprus could be a template for future eurozone rescue packages.

Don’t relax if you’re not in Greece, Spain or Portugal. It could happen anywhere. The only way to protect your savings anywhere in the eurozone is to take physical control of them, which you do not have with a bank account. Take your money out of the banking system immediately. Think about safekeeping later. Just take control now.

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  1. The masks have not slipped off the real intentions of the EU elite, they have now removed them for all to see .. if you still believe the EU is a good thing, you need your head examined.

    Some of us did not fall for any of their propaganda in the first place.

    This is not going to end well.

  2. Easier said than done Pete.
    Direct debits, standing orders?
    Income such as state pensions?
    To start a panic now is also not a good idea.

  3. Anyone who follows Pete’s advice is a fool.

    Panic is his stock and trade. Some will do this, and will live to regret it.

  4. IMF chief Christine Lagarde characterized the theft from Cypriot bank accounts as “a lasting, durable and fully-financed solution”. Anyone who believes Christine Lagarde is a fool. Phantom implores us to believe Christine Lagarde – he is beyond a fool.

  5. IMF chief Christine Lagarde

    I will start attempting to listen to her drivel the moment she starts to pay tax.

  6. I bet Millbanana and Balls are wetting themselves with glee right about now. When they get in they will be able to steal directly from us and cite precendent.

    I prefer my savings to be stolen by Government via the back door of QE creating inflation and devious artificial manipulation of interest rates thank you very much. At least I can pretend no thieving scumwad politian has his hand in my pocket. The Cypriot model is far too overt.

    Still I would gladly sell my children as slaves to fund the feckless and keep the wondrous EU Euro zone political elite in pate de fois gras and rentboys. Anyone who disagrees is a swivel eyed racist little englander right?

    Oh how we need out of the EU.

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