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Impressive double standards by Sinn Fein, even by their loathsome standards!

RAF Chinook and surveillance helicopters requested by Sinn Fein minister:”

“Sinn Féin’s agriculture minister, Michelle O’Neill, confirmed a surveillance helicopter would be used to aid farmers in counties still affected by the heavy snowfall since last Thursday morning.”


Sinn Fein councillor attacks RAF Red Arrows return to Northern Ireland –

So some parts of the RAF are ok and others not, eh?




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  1. Political pragmatism & necessity. A bit like sitting in the Assembly while not agreeing with devolution or disagreeing with the ‘political class’ while standing for election to join them.

    Oh wait . . . .

  2. It’s the talk of the town Mahons, ‘Sinn Féin bring British Army back’ etc.

    I suppose there is an element of hypocriscy involved but no more hypocritical than what has been done by others when it’s been expedient for them to do so.

  3. Paul – It must be. “Brits In” and “Their Time Will Come” are two phrases I doubt utilized much in SF circles.

    I think it is a fair point that has been made as to the hypocrisy.

  4. I think it is a fair point that has been made as to the hypocrisy

    I agree 100% Mahons but the old adage of glass houses & stones also comes to mind.

  5. Paul – Come no, this hypocrisy stands on its own and has the added benefit of being quite funny.

  6. Remember, I’m no longer in Ireland Mahons. Here, it was 10ºC last night around 21.30. It’s drizzle today but it defimitely seems like Spring is on it’s way.

    No one is arguing about the hypocriscy I’m just surprised that there hasn’t been an explosion of outrage about this;

    An Irish Army Helicopter is also on stand-by to help, if needed.

    The Irish government has agreed to provide air corps assistance following discussions between the Northern Ireland agriculture minister Michelle O’Neill and the Irish justice minister Alan Shatter


  7. Paul – Sorry, hard for me to keep track at times as to where people are. Good to hear about the Irish helicopter “Apackofmicks Now”

    (PS- can I get away with that?).

  8. It’s bloody freezing and snowing again, the choppers are needed for humanitarian aid, live stock are dying and lots of vulnerable people are cut off. This is why the shiners and everybody else recognises the need for specialist military help, not air shows that cost money to display Britishness in a rather triumphant way. Perfectly reasonable in my view.

  9. Paul,
    Do you think Sinn Fein tried Dublin first and maybe got turned down?

    I would have thought a British military helicopter would have been abhorrent to them.

    Or the Dissidents might have had a go at shooting it down. To hell with the lost “larrys”!

  10. Agi, apparently they did contact people in the South first, as the Southern Air Corp provide search and rescue for the whole island of Ireland.

  11. Seimi,
    I thought they apparently might as that’s where their hearts lie.. 🙂
    How the Dickens are you today?
    Did you sleep well?
    Thank you for your Irish Goodnight.
    For what it’s worth, (my opinion that is) I think you should keep your language alive and even have a get together with good music and stuff.
    I’ll supply the heckling. 😉

  12. Agi, don’t quote me on that. I read it somewhere very recently, but can’t remember where.

    I thought they apparently might as that’s where their hearts lie.. 🙂

    If true, it would make perfect sense to contact S&R, rather than army.

    To me, this is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t for SF. Had they sat back and said, ‘We tried Dublin and they couldn’t help, so we won’t do anything,’ they would have been accused of causing misery for thousands of people and the deaths of thousands of farm stock, due to their refusal to call in the Brits.

    What the Agriculture Minister did was to call both Dublin and London, and got help from both. She did her job. And what happens? She is attacked for her ‘double standards.’

    What was more important here? That people and animals were saved? Or that stereotypes were played out?

    I sometimes get the feeling that some people would prefer it if SF went back to their old ways.

    How the Dickens are you today?

    I’m crashingly good, thank you. I slept like a three-year old. I only wish my three-year old had done likewise!

    For what it’s worth, (my opinion that is) I think you should keep your language alive and even have a get together with good music and stuff.

    We are keeping it alive. And we have plenty of get togethers to celebrate it 🙂

    I hope you found last night’s lessons in Gaelic useful. There may be a test 😉

    I’ll supply the heckling. 😉

    I doubt you’ll be alone in that 🙂

  13. Seimi,

    I envy your having a three year old! That’s a lovely age. You feel like you could eat them sometimes! How does it make you feel, being a parent? Leaving aside the worst bits..

  14. Paul,
    Do you think Sinn Fein tried Dublin first and maybe got turned down?

    I don’t know Agi, from my quote above an Irish Army chopper is on stand by and the Irish Air Corps have agreed to provide assistance if needed.

    To me, this is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t for SF

    That’s precisely the case. There’s a much more constructive debate regarding the issue taking place over at Slugger;

    Theresa Villiers: “I’m extremely pleased that we were able to answer the Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill’s request for a military helicopter…”

    I only wish my three-year old had done likewise

    Ta suil agam go ta ach aon rud ag dul maith leis an fear beag agus an paisti eile a chara.

  15. Agi,

    being a parent, and a good one (I hope!) has been, by far, the biggest challenge I have ever faced. And I say that as a father of 3 and stepfather to another 2!

    It has also been the absolute best thing ever to have happened to me.

    My kids range in age from the young fella at 3, to my own 2 daughters, aged 19 and 20 (my 19 year old and Paul McMahon’s similarly-aged daughter have been friends from nursery school).

    Every one of them is the reason I get up every morning, and are my anchors when the seas of life get a bit rough.

    Ta gach rud go breá leis an fear beag agus gach duine eile, go raibh maith agat. Cad faoi do chuid féin?

  16. Ta ach aon rud ag dul an – mhaith. Tá an cailín mór ina tríú bhliain san ollscoil agus tá si ag dul go dti An tSualauin i mi Meán Fómhair ag staidéar faoi sé mhi. Tá an dara iníon ina dara bhliain san oilscoil na h- ealaín agus beidh Saioa ag dul go dit olscoil i Vitoria an philology na Béarla ag déanfaidh. Tá Uxue san deireanach blain san scóil. Críochnóidh sí an i mbliana seo thart. Tá Marijo agus mise ag obair fosta.

    So, ta gach rud go hiontach a chara 🙂

  17. Sin ar dóigh 🙂

    Tá muid ag smaointiú ar theacht go Iruna i Mí Lúnasa ar feadh seachtain nó 10 lá 🙂

  18. Seimi,
    The greatest gifts a Mum and Dad can give their children is love, encouragement, stability and values. Even my parents (when they weren’t knocking seven bells out of each other) tried to give us that.
    And btw I thought it was great the way you stuck up for commonsense re the Troll. He never asked for any help, he just let it slip that he might get laid off. I think what David did was great, and we should help anybody if we can. It is my personal opinion that the Troll is hurting at the moment and he really needs a decent job. No decent man can be happy when he is struggling to provide for his family.

  19. Colm,

    I’m glad you concur 🙂


    Unfortunately it didn’t stop the thread descending into name-calling and personal stuff…

    You speak Esperanto Colm?

    He he 🙂

  20. Sin ar dóigh

    Tá muid ag smaointiú ar theacht go Iruna i Mí Lúnasa ar feadh seachtain nó 10 lá

    swamped with work (new job starts Monday…yikes!) but something is excellent and something is happening or happened or will happen in a month’s time…I will crack the code that is Irish!

  21. We were actually plotting the downfall of ATW, Agi.

    We’re ‘sleeping agents’

    Well, mainly sleeping eejits, but we do try 🙂

  22. Seimi,
    Have you been watching James Nesbitt’s Ireland on tv?
    He was good in “The Way” too.
    He invented a new flavour of ice cream in an ice cream parlour owned by two misguided Yanks who emigrated and took the wrong turning.
    The country itself is a bit of a disappointment though..
    The Quiet Man did it better.

  23. Haven’t watched it, Agi. Whereabouts was he?

    The scenery in the Quiet Man is lovely. The village where it was filmed, Cong, is lovely, although it’s become a tourist trap over the years.

    Personally, I think Donegal, especially along the north and west coasts, is perhaps the most beautiful in Ireland.

  24. mairin2,
    Whilst I remain in this magnanimous mood, I have to say you seem like a very nice level headed lady, with few discernible quirks or instabilities. 😉

    I wonder if those guys who did the research on that cultural perceptions thing will write or have written a book on it?
    That was one of the best links I’ve seen on ATW and very relevant to the dog’s breakfast that is the ATW family.

  25. You speak Esperanto Colm?

    Esperanto is a comparitively new language, the language we are speaking is older than many languages including English.

    Keep at ir Mairin!!

    The Quiet Man is a superb film in a Yank Paddywhackery kinda way but I agree with Seimi, the most breathtaking scenery in Ireland is the Donegal coast, particularly west Donegal.

    Tá muid ag smaointiú ar theacht go Iruna i Mí Lúnasa ar feadh seachtain nó 10 lá

    Cúirfaidh me teachtaireacht duit.

  26. I have never been to Ireland, whereas the wife has and delights in reminding me of it.
    I think we’re supposed to be gracing Scotland with a visit first, although my preference (not that anyone cares) would be Italy. Rome and Florence.

  27. Oh, and back on topic;

    A second Chinook will join two Irish military helicopters in delivering emergency food drops to farming communities affected by the Northern Ireland snow crisis.


    WHAT?? ‘Foreign’ military operating in the UK? What will Jolly Jimbo have to say now that the Irish army are delivering food to TUV voters rural farmers stranded cattle?

    Cue unionist hypocriscy outrage.

  28. Agi, Italy is my favourite Euro destination, (I’ve been around nine times). Florence is the most spectacularly breathtakingly beautiful city I have ever seen.

  29. Well there you are then Paul, I shall put my case to Mrs Agit8ed and say YOU said we should go to Italy!

  30. Cue unionist hypocriscy outrage.

    Never mind Unionist outrage! I’m outraged that you put a perfectly well de-railed thread back on track! 😉

  31. Interesting . . .

    Mr Lavery said he understood there will be no charge from the Irish government for the use of Air Corps helicopters, however he believes there will be for the RAF Chinooks

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