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First, line up your Peeps against the glass, one on top of the other. Yes, they are smashed against the glass a bit like prisoners riding into town on a bus. It’s OK. They are used to it.

Second, in the middle of the big vase, place a smaller vase and fill it with water. Put tulips in this vase.

Third, fill in any gaps with fake grass. This will help hold up the tulip stems and it will make the Peeps feel at home. They are bunnies, after all.

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4 thoughts on “Easter Greetings

  1. Very cute display, Patty. I miss peeps…I remember the days when there were only yellow chicks and I would try to hold on to mine (i.e., not eat them) longer than my sisters and brothers…just to have the last peep standing…though sadly, it would be rock-hard and not edible…but hey! I won! Sadly, peeps are no longer a part of my diet though Cadbury caramel eggs are (in moderation)…;-)
    Cáisc Shona Daoibh (though I’m thinking that is not the best translation…too much like the Christmas greeting).

  2. Happy Easter! Great display Patty….very creative. Never heard of peeps before though. Glad to see you’re still here, lovely lady, enjoy reading your posts. Looked up Ayn Rand yesterday, great to be introduced to writers I’ve never read.

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