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Little comment from the left on this I note;

Just one in eight people claiming sickness benefits has been found to be too ill to do any sort of job, it has emerged. And almost 900,000 have dropped their claim to the taxpayer-funded benefits rather than undergo a new medical test as part of the Coalition welfare reforms.  Official figures released yesterday ahead of a string of changes to the tax and benefit system suggested the Government’s strategy is already having a dramatic effect.

900,000 people who chose to DROP their claims for “disability benefit” rather than go through an assessment of the alleged “disability”. There is a name for these people – Labour voters. They have been encouraged to parasite off the working class for years BUT now that feeding frenzy is coming to some sort of end. The squeals from Labour politicians are as predictable as they are pathetic. The awful reality that the political left in the UK now oppose the concept of work ethic and instead seek to seduce as many people as possible with Benefit culture, the something for doing nothing ethos that is guaranteed to bring any economy to its knees. The UK cannot afford this Welfare uber alles mindset, either figuratively or literally.


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  1. I often wonder whether our politicians, and in particular the Conservatives, have any idea how damaging their simplistic ideas have.

    Take this latest jape, it was but a few months ago that they waged war on Remploy, the factory based organisation owned by the department of Work and Pensions, that was formed many years ago to employ almost exclusively those who were disabled, both mentally and physically.

    ‘Thirty-four Remploy factories closed last year because they were deemed to not be financially viable.’

    So far recent closures have seen the loss of three thousand jobs, – jobs that were done by disabled folk who wanted to work, some had been employed for decades, now made redundant in a job market that with some 3,000,000 already unemployed, the chances of finding a job are at best remote. Just how sensible and caring is that? and that is without taking into account the therapeutic value of those jobs.

    That those 3,000 will now join the benefit seekers surely counteracts any savings made by other means. All that Remploy was asking for was 20,000,000 over a five year period, – a pittance in an economy where cashflow and debt ledgers resemble telephone directories more than company books.

    Meanwwhile the war against those least able to protect themselves or cope with a diminshed lifestyle, goes on, pensioners, disabled, who will be next? – our politicians do like the easy target don’t they?

    Another jape, – that today is All Fool’s day is but a coincidence, – sees the announcement of the ‘bed tax’. That it applies only to ‘council housing’ at the moment, is irrelevant. They have already made grunting noises re ‘second homes’.

    Many families have been raised in three bed council houses, but kids grow up and move on, so not only the disruption of kids moving out, it now seems the parents will also have to ‘move-on’, now how does that reconcile with Cameron’s hypocritical concern for family life?

    That there are far too few two bedroom or one bedroom accomodations available to rent means that rents for such properties will rise, which in turn will place an extra burden on the Housing benefit budget.

    In the meanwhile we are still encouraging immigration, to a very overcrowed environment, with a failng and overloaded infrastructure.

    It is easy to visualise just who will be the new occupants of those vacated properties. That many former areas of predominantly council owned properties now bear more resemblance to ghettoes than to a civilised western community, is, of course entirely coincidental.

    Does the left hand really know what the right hand is doing? – and all so typical of the modern day faux Tory party, rabidly and thoughtlessly following the Thatcher inspired tactic of throwing the baby out wih the bathwater.

    And all that is without even considering the ramifications of yet another NHS reorganisation.

    It is now post midday – so no fear of being caught by another of governments April Fool jokes, – these idiots really think their actions are the solution!!!

  2. Ernest,
    Good post, and reinforces my assertion that politics has REALLY had its day!
    I think everybody here would agree that we have to look after our (OUR -not everybody else’s) elderly, incapacitated and handicapped; (in the nicest sense of the word).
    The principle has to be that if you can work or would like to work, some kind of suitable employment should be found. Remploy suited the criteria very well, because it didn’t just provide work it provided self esteem and socialisation. Even if it didn’t make a lot or any profit, it was still well worth the money.

  3. I see that

    ‘British aid ‘funding Bhutto re-election campaign’ in Pakistan ‘

    Britain is giving £300m of taxpayers’ money to a controversial programme of cash handouts in Pakistan which is accused of bankrolling the re-election campaign of Benazir Bhutto’s former party.

    See my comment above re a mere £20 million over five years to save disabled jobs at Remploy.



    Such news really does make my blood boil, – what absolutely disgusting people we have supposedly looking after our affairs, ‘Would a turd smell so foul if given another name?’

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