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Londonderry is the UK City of Culture as you know in 2013. The idea is to get as many tourists there as possible and showcase the city; So how is that going?

Police are appealing for information after two tourists were attacked in Londonderry. The two men were attacked by a large crowd of youths at around 23:00 GMT on Friday in the Bank Place area of the city.  One of tourists sustained facial injuries but did not require hospital treatment.

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18 thoughts on “CITY OF CULTURE UPDATE..

  1. The incident – which could have happened in any place – didn’t even take place in Derry?

  2. Fair point, Paul.

    Tourists shouldn’t go to Derry, North Antrim OR Belfast.

    However, the crime rate against foreigners in beautiful south Down is virtually nil. I would encourage all ATW’s non-Irish contributors to come and see the beautiful Mournes and the resting place of our beloved St Patrick.

    Propaganda now over…

  3. Paul,

    LOL. Close but no cigar. 😉


    If the Paddies (or Billies) haven’t already been by now…we don’t want em!

  4. LOL. Close but no cigar

    As I said, not a million miles away. Ask Caitríona Ruane 😉

  5. Not my favourite politician

    Understatement on my behalf a chara, (and I worked with her!!)

  6. In fairness, Cooley has always had a history of anti-tourist violence. I seem to recall a young lad assaulting people from Connacht when they were up on an agricultural visit.

    Billiant Reg!!

  7. I think that David is trying to imply that crime is only committed by one section of the community.

  8. MourneReg…re: County Down…don’t forget fish off the boats and the stone circle (forget where it’s located). Stayed in a caravan park there once…while the accomodations weren’t the best, the surrounding sites were beautiful and refreshing!

  9. I seem to recall that there were no or nearly no incidents against tourists in the hot spots of NI by any of the warring parties. Which, if true, was one bright spot at least.

  10. The fact of the matter Phantom is that lowlifes are everywhere, in every community, in every city, in every country.

  11. Nice stuff, MourneReg!

    Brings back long forgotten memories of hearing those tales for the first time in 4th year in Larriers, and then the class all walking to the GPO to see the great statue of the dying Setanta.

    Do you happen to life in Kilkeel by any chance? I know a few guys from there.

    //nearly no incidents against tourists in the hot spots of NI by any of //

    Now the Troubles’ hot spots have become the tourist traps, so it’s tourists getting in the way of paramilitaries.

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