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A nest of Al-Qaeda terror spies has been uncovered in Britain’s top police force!

It is reported that MI5 agents have identified four London Metropolitan police officers after searching for a cell of fanatics passing Scotland Yard’s secrets. They homed in on the officers in the past few weeks after working with anti-terror police to uncover "sleeper" agents in London’s Met. All four are..ahem…. "Asians" living in the capital and are feared to have links both with Islamic extremists in Britain and worldwide terror groups—including al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. MI5 chiefs believe the suspected moles have been planted as sleepers—agents under deep cover—to keep al-Qaeda informed of anti-terror raids. They fear the four could have already accessed sensitive information about secret operations to root out terror cells planning further attacks in the UK. The officers’ names emerged during a low-profile investigation into police force infiltration which has been going on since the July 2005 London bombings. Last year MI5 believed there were up to eight police staff—uniform and civilian— with links to extremist groups.

The UK government denies it is at war with Islamic terrorism, but as we can all see, the Jihadi suffer from no such similar hang-ups. They seek to kill us even whilst our leaders wring their hands and plead for more understanding of the ROP.

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2 thoughts on “THE ENEMY IN THE MET…

  1. From the use of the term ‘Militants’ to describe those who engage in acts of terror by Al-Beeb, through the the downplaying of the once truly descriptive words ‘war on terror’, we see it every day.

    We as a Nation and a Race seem to be led and prescribed to by a bunch who refuse to even remember that famous ‘Piece of paper’ which guaranteed "Peace for our Time!"

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