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I read that plans to lift the worldwide ban on whaling were presented to a secret meeting of more than 70 governments in London last week. The plans have been welcomed by both pro- and anti-whaling governments and seek to lift a long stalemate over hunting, enabling Japan officially to resume commercial whaling for the first time in more than 20 years. This is plain wrong. Whales are majestic and harmless creatures and ANY killing of them should be outlawed. The Japanese thirst for whalemeat is inexplicable to me, surely they can survive without wiping out these amazing creatures? Shame on any government which supports any acceptable level of Whale killing.

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26 thoughts on “NO REASON FOR WHALING…

  1. I agree, but the Japanese will respond by saying that

    eating whale meat has been part of their culture for centuries

    cattle and other animals/fish are revered in other cultures, but we Westerners have no problem in killing them and frying them up, though we have alternatives.

  2. If one accepts the proposition that evil cannot comprehend beauty , then one has one explanation for why certain nationalities hunt whales .

  3. Phantom

    I don’t eat any meat and I am appalled by intensive farming methods, especially battery chicken production.

    But there is no comparison between western cattle farming and Japanese whaling. They are hunting wild sea mammals and killing them with great cruelty. And they will hunt them to extinction if the rest of the world doesn’t stop them.

  4. As the numbers of whales decrease due to hunting, the value of the catch increases due to rarity. Economically therefore, it can make sense to hunt the whales to extinction. Can we not arrange for a submarine to sink the factory ship? Seriously, if there were ever a case for such an illegal act, this is it.

  5. I had been under the impression that many whale populations were increasing….not near historic highs, but increasing.

    On a purely anecdotal point, when I was in Bermuda last week there was some talk of whales over dinner. Apparently, in old days, there would often be a population off the island. Some migrating humpbacks would apparently decide that Bermuda was warm enough, and they’d just hang out there for the winter instead of going further south. The intense whaling of the 19th Century sadly put an end to that.

    Well, apparently there have been humpbacks seen off Bermuda for the first time in ages. The locals are pretty excited –they think that this is a sign of a rebounding humpback population. and they would so love to see whales there all the time.

  6. Phantom

    Not all whale species are on the verge of extinction, but most are endangered, even without more hunting.


    Agreed. Sink the bastards.

  7. The Doctor

    –If one accepts the proposition that evil cannot comprehend beauty , then one has one explanation for why certain nationalities hunt whales–

    Don’t say that. The Japanese in particular are no more evil than any of the rest of us sinners.

    I like them a lot, was treated like a king when I was there. I think that they are a very smart people with an extremely refined sense of beauty.

    I very much disagree with them on this one.
    But this really is a cultural thing with them.

    The native Alaskans want to continue to kill whales also–are you superior to them also?

    Such attitudes are not the way to change hearts.

  8. Today we hear that PETA, – that bane of all hairy chested men, with a BO problem, – has initiated a campaign to reduce, or totally ban, the numbers of bears used to make that trademark of the Grenadier Guards, their bearskin headgear.

    It is has been used since the early nineteenth century, and thus falls into my category of ‘traditional’. Synthetics have been tried, but deemed unsatisfactory on rainy days, – surely the original ‘bad hair day’…

    Now I would like to say that this most certainly is one tradition that we could well dispense with, if you think that is sacrilege, then do see the video that accompanies the campaign, but I warn you, it was deemed too horrific to be shown on early TV. and no, I have not seen it yet.

    Unlike the unnecessary name changes discussed elsewhere, this one does impact on other living creatures, and a ban is most certainly required.

    Given the outcry against whaling, it will be interesting to see who, and what, is said about banning the bearskin.

    Some changes you just know are pointless, but there are also some that you know are correct, and IMO this is one of the latter…

  9. I’ve read that most bears are hunted for their gall-bladders, which bring a pretty penny in the Far East for traditional medicine. Like sharks killed for their dorsal fin, or rhinos for their horn, it seems like a big waste.

  10. Phantom,

    I have never felt like giving either a hug.

    Wasn’t it Albert Sweitzer who remarked that until man had compassion for all living things, he would never find peace himself.

    Perhaps a trite comment, but that doesn’t make it any the less pertinent.

  11. Whaling should be banned, at least until the various species are thriving in numbers again.

    What is the problem with hunting bears? I know many guys who head up to Canada to shoot the beasts, they seem to have abundant numbers of them up North.

    Just curious, does anyone think that the entire fur industry should be banned?

  12. This ‘cultural’ thing about Japanese whale hunting is not on. Indians and eskimos may hunt whales in the manner of their forebears but the Japanese are using factory ships, repeat, FACTORY SHIPS. It is industrialised slaughter which, if not stopped now, will finish off the great whales forever.

    On the fur industry, which animals will be endangered by the fur industry? Man has always used animals for clothing and I really don’t have any more difficulty with fur than I do with fox hunting. But when it comes to mechanised slaughter driving whales to extinction, the line has to be drawn and sinking those boats is morally justifiable.

  13. Allan

    The cultural thing the Japanese speak of is I think the eating of whale meat –probably the hunt is a lesser factor .;..they were big buyers of the Icelandic "harvest"

  14. Daphne,

    I think People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and their fellow travelers in the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) should be banned.

  15. Kisses all around for the men named Alan & Allen!

    Great answers!

    Alan you strike me more as a Libertarian with each passing day!

  16. Whaling is not a necessary industry by any modern standards, and I wish the Japanese and other known offenders could be made to cease and desist in light of the grave danger to this population of mammals. Yes, I eat steak, chicken, pork etc, so there might be a bit of throwing stones from a glass house on my part, but the fact remains that none of the common meat producing animals are facing extinction.

  17. Daphne,

    If Milton Friedman could say "We are all Keynesians now" back in 1965, I can say that we (here at ATW) are all Libertarians now (although Frank O’Dwyer will argue with that).

    [BTW, my wife breeds miniature dachshunds at home which puts her in the cross hairs of PETA/HSUS restrictive legislation.]

  18. Mahons,

    Are you referring to our old friend Michael Moore’s short "Pets or Meat" which was a follow on to "Roger and Me?" The laid off citizen of Flint, Michigan in that documentary raised bunnies for the dual purposes, not sweet doggies.

  19. Alan -yes, but I didn’t dare quote the joke reference here without setting the thread off further.

    Incidently, what did the zen buddist say to the hot dog vendor? "Make me one with everything."

  20. HSUS would like to see all pet ownership banned period – they are an awful group and just as extreme as PETA.

  21. Mahons,

    We have an annual dachshund parade here in Rochester patterned after the one in Washington Square in NYC. The only food vendor that comes is the guy who sells … (wait for it) wieners!

  22. Alan,

    "If Milton Friedman could say "We are all Keynesians now" back in 1965, I can say that we (here at ATW) are all Libertarians now (although Frank O’Dwyer will argue with that)."

    Actually to those political compass tests I am indeed a libertarian. But as you say, isn’t everyone. 🙂

    Speaking of whales, though:

    "In the 1980s, Dr Richard Feely wrote about the effects of altered carbon dioxide on seawater chemistry. These chemical effects are well known and measurable and it is basic science. Now we have good measurements and trends that we can fit with the ecosystems and changes. In the Southern Ocean aragonite is used by animals vital to the food chain. It is difficult to extrapolate what changes might happen when they disappear, but the changes will be wide-ranging and profound and will happen in your, or your child’s, lifetime."


    This is probably not good news for the whales. I wonder if Allan@Aberdeen can guess where the CO2 is coming from.

  23. What is the problem with hunting bears? I know many guys who head up to Canada to shoot the beasts, they seem to have abundant numbers of them up North.

    i know my uncle has killed at least one, up the rivers of vancouver. but then it had just torn the side out of his tent.

    i thinks its a shame that such creatures are hunted for sport. but sometimes its just down to basic survival.

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