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I read that it is speculated  that the Real IRA and Al Queda may be sharing intelligence ahead of the Queen’s visit next month to Northern Ireland later this month.

Police have set up checkpoints on routes from the Republic into Northern Ireland ahead of the Maundy Thursday service on March 20 in Armagh which the Queen will attend. Cars and lorries have been stopped and searched along a number of main routes, including the 100-mile-long Dublin to Belfast road. The royal visit comes just 24 hours before the 10th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement which brought appeasement to the province.  The heightened security follows a warning by Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde that groups such as the Real IRA intend to cause “much damage” to the peace process.

It also coincides with an announcement by Interpol last week that it is hunting two Al Qaeda terrorists believed to be on the run in Ireland. Shafiq Al-Ayadi, 45, has dual Bosnian and Tunisian nationality and passports and uses 12 aliases including Ben Mohamed. Ibrahim Bouisir, 47, has both Irish and Libyan passports and is wanted for terrorism offences. According to Interpol he has close links with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

Hey, maybe they will meet up with the on-the run IRA terrorists wanted by Colombia for the training they gave to FARC terrorists. Isn’t it odd how many terrorist trails head to the Emerald Isle?

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11 thoughts on “THE EMERALD BASE

  1. David

    Is it possible to indicate in the introduction when a story comes from the Express or the Mail so that serious people need not waste time on it?

  2. Henry,

    I give the Indie and the Guardian the same treatment so serious people can make their own mind up. Given that the Mail has led the war on plastic bags, do I take it you oppose it?

  3. Henry

    If you point the cursor to the hyperlink, the url will appear at the bottom of the screen (in Firefox anyway) identifying the source of the article. That way you can avoid Daily Mail articles if you wish.

  4. I don’t know how you can say that Henry, when only a week or so ago three Afghani’s were arrested in Cork was it, at a mens hostel for asylum seekers. When the guards raided the hostel they found pieces of explosives and were examining it to see if it would make up a viable device.

  5. Daily Express readers must have been shocked to see that, a story that has nothing to do with Princess Diana.

  6. David

    The war on plastic bags is a matter for the British. Ireland has already introduced a tax of 22c per bag which certainly reduces the number of such bags in circulation. Does that help the environment? I don’t know but we all feel a bit purer using our canvass bags instead.


    Thanks but I’m a Safari man.

  7. I didn’t realize that Firefox had that feature, and I use Firefox!

    You guys would know your English/Irish papers far better than I, but I will just say that here, the serious reader looks down this nose at the NY Post. Despite the fact that the Post beats the NY Times to the punch with local stories, again and again and again.

    The group that ripped the innocents of Omagh to shreds would have no moral qualms about doing anything or allying with anyone. But could they be so stupid as to form an alliance of any kind with Al Queda?

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