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bastiat welfarism

Excellent article here by Brendan O’Neill on the horrific consequence of the pursuance of State Welfarism by the Left as it seeks to inculcate future generations of clients…generation sloth.

“The cultivation of such dependency on the state has a devastating impact on community life in poor parts of Britain. Because if an individual’s or family’s every financial and therapeutic need is being met by the state, then what need is there for those people to turn to their own neighbours for help or advice?

Welfarism doesn’t only destroy individual pride and independence — it also eats away at social solidarity, the glue of local life, by encouraging people to become more reliant on the state than on their friends and neighbours.

The end result of this propping-up of communities is the kind of world Mick Philpott lived in, where a sense of entitlement to state cash overpowers any feeling of personal moral responsibility for improving one’s life, or any sense of duty to the community.

So to my mind, there’s no mystery as to why the poor are refusing to join the fight to preserve the massive and unwieldy welfare state: it’s because they live in the very areas where welfarism has wreaked its worst horrors.

It is the bleeding heart campaigners fighting to defend welfarism who are spreading a poisonous myth: that the less well-off could never survive, far less thrive, without the financial assistance and moral guidance of their middle-class betters.

He is right of course and yet when on listens to left wing politicians here in the UK, they steadfastly refuse to accept any of this and instead bleat about the need to tax “the rich” more so that they can continue peddling the Welfare narcotic at all costs. They know that if you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can be fairly confident that you will receive Paul’s voter.


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  1. Yes, it could be said that he is right, – if you accept that the recipients are in that situation entirely by reason of their own mismanagement, then yes, he can be satisfied with his narrow minded and smug conclusions.

    Conclusions I might add, that are fostered by politicians, in a pathetic and rather nasty attempt to shift the blame from their own overall incompetence.

    However, that Philpott is not a typical case has to be recognised, he is the product of a cumulative list of failures by local and national goverment, with an added dash of evil stupidity.

    Most ‘welfarers’ in the north are the product of several generations of working class folk who were literally abandoned, or would discarded be a better word?, by politicians and business owners, back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Factories were closed in the dogmatic and envy ridden battle against the unions, and when the factories closed, that really was the end for many small industrial towns, – were they all going to ‘get on their bikes’ and move south? they may well have done so, if they could have found accomodation and a job to go with it, but those were already accounted for by the governments decision to invite our carribean cousins over for a spell, to help us out.

    And still the ‘invasion’ continues, with an open invitation to all.

    When people have been ‘on welfare’ for so long, – so long, that it has become ‘a way of life’, it would be totally uneasonable to cut it sharply or even totally, in such a bigot driven fashion, a gradual weaning would be in order – if there were jobs available, – which there are not.

    Perhaps if government diverted some of that ‘foreign aid’ – such as the 300 million to Pakistan for ‘electoral purposes’, or if they hadn’t refused 20 million to keep those Remploy factories open, it would indicate that they really were interested in their electorate’s plight, and not just spouting thoughtless and inflammatory nonsense, when an election is on the horizon.

    It isn’t just pensioners and veterans who feel betrayed by our collective politicians, it goes through much of our society, with the poorest probably feeling it the most, – and who can blame them? – only the smug and the self satisfied who really fail to understand ‘how the other three-quarters live’.

    While we all have pride in ‘what once was’, all we have left now is the thoughts of ‘what might have been’.

  2. I have just seen the Bastiat pic in the heading, – What total nonsense the quote is, –
    Now if it had said ‘Corrupt government is the great fiction ….’ he might have bee nearer the truth!

  3. As I have said before politicians are now part of Society’s problems, not their solution.
    In trying to fix one problem they create another, because ultimately their goal is not the economic and social well being of their country, it is the success of their party’s efforts to gain power…

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