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awindy.jpgSeen the adverts for EON, EDF and all the other eco-clowns who’ve climbed on the Green Power bandwagon? Read how they’re helping to "Save the World from Global Warming’ through non-Carbon generation methods?

We all revelled in the Government’s attachments to Renewables, despite not telling anyone that it in fact a European Union directive that is forcing them to embrace such lunacies as spending our money on expensive  bloody windmills which only work when the wind is blowing strongly enough!

But despite all the hype, we were told that things like Solar Energy panels would be the saviour of industrialised countries.


Read this and decide if you want to be saved!



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5 thoughts on “smoke gets in your eye’sssssssssss

  1. Interestingly they say;

    "The situation in Li’s village points to the environmental trade-offs the world is making as it races to head off a dwindling supply of fossil fuels."

    An admission all to apparent in many related articles. Global warming is a political smokescreen for bigger issues.

  2. Windmills are’nt the problem. They are only temporary structures and can be dismantled any time.

    China’s the problem. When a country has a population THAT big, keeping them fed and keeping them quiet is a top priority; killing them gradually with pollution is probably a bonus to the govt.

    Their economy gets bigger; the Wests’ gets smaller and weaker.

  3. China has just experienced the coldest winter in 100 years; China will not be signing onto any "Global Warming" agreements to curb their carbon emissions in the near future! (who wants to get cooler in that part of the world?!)

    Meanwhile Northern Europe has experienced unseasonably warm winter. Ahh…the irony.

  4. Patty,

    The Chinese like to eat, and as Bernard points out they have a lot of people to feed.

    "The study, reported in PNAS, the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, found that rice yields at IRRI declined by 10% for every 1ºC increase in seasonal mean minimum temperature. Temperatures are projected to rise globally by 1.5-4.5ºC in the coming century – or 3 to 9 times more than in the past century. Global warming thus threatens to erase the hard-won productivity gains that have kept the rice harvest in step with population growth."


    And that’s before you factor in issues like drought.

  5. Sorry to go off-topic Mike, but a swift click on the link below will let you see Pat Condell give his best and most definitive 8 min rant to-date.
    And yes, you’ve guessed, it’s about…..

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